Whether you’re a catering business looking for commercial kitchen equipment or a catering equipment supplier looking to give your customers an easy finance solution, we can help businesses get the equipment they need and keep cash flowing.

Starting a catering business is exciting (and expanding an existing one is even more exciting), but the big hurdle that all aspiring caterers face is the huge start up cost. The very good news is that Butler Equipment provides equipment finance to help make it easier to start up or expand a catering business. Our commercial kitchen equipment finance will allow you to get the appliances and fittings you need for getting off to a great start. We offer a wide range of commercial kitchen appliances including Commercial RefrigerationBlast Chillers & Commercial Glass Washers.

This financing is provided through our finance division, Mahatmacane Hospitality Finance. Mahatmacane offers a flexible and affordable solution that gives you more options and helps you overcome the biggest mistake any new caterer can make: being under-equipped and unprepared for maximising your business. Financing your equipment the smart way, you can deliver the very best for your customers and show your true professionalism when you have top quality equipment. If you’ve talked to other providers and have found it hard to qualify for hospitality equipment finance, you will be truly amazed at how easily you can get approved for up to $25,000 of credit in as little as 10 minutes. All you need is a satisfactory credit history and it’s actually a lot easier to qualify than you’d imagine.

Advantages of Commercial Catering Equipment Hire

When you rent your business equipment through a hospitality kitchen equipment finance deal, there can be tax advantages compared to purchasing the same equipment. Your accountant may be able to advise you on which option is best for your needs. When you rent, you do not need to concern yourself with asset depreciation for the value of the items, because technically the assets do not belong to you, they belong to the company that is renting the assets to you.

On the flip side of that, you can normally claim 100% of the value of the rental payments as a tax deduction. Again, your accountant can advice you on whether this is the best option for your individual circumstances. Another advantage of renting is that you can upgrade your equipment easily as your needs change, which makes running your business at maximum potential so simple and affordable.

Advantages of Ownership

When you own your equipment outright, it belongs entirely to you and you have no obligations to anyone concerning it. You can normally claim back the depreciated value of the assets as a tax deduction. Owning the equipment means that you don’t have to worry about making payments on it, you don’t have to be unduly concerned about taking care of it, and you can liquidate any unused equipment to gain operating capital when you need it.

The disadvantage of ownership is that if you want to upgrade your appliances, you will need to pay for the whole cost. Unless, of course, you decide to rent the upgraded appliances and continue on that basis.

Find Out More About Our Financing Options

The staff at Butler Equipment are here to help you with the information you need to make important business decisions. We can tell you all about the products we sell and the different financing options that may be available to you.