Stainless Steel Sinks

To function well, a kitchen needs to be efficient. Making the best use of the available space helps to keep the workflow going by reducing clutter and making it easier to get around. Whether you’re cooking at home or in a busy commercial kitchen, efficient use of space will help you work at your best. 

Steel Dishwasher Sink Benches

Since 1979, Butler Equipment has been a leading supplier of quality kitchen products to the hospitality industry in Australia.
In our quest to design the perfect commercial kitchen sink, we thought about the space saving efficiency of being able to stow the dishwasher under the sink, and created a range of stainless steel kitchen sinks that perfectly meet the needs of a modern commercial sink.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

The Butler Equipment range of stainless steel sinks has, as a consequence been designed ever since to be the most elegant, durable, and efficient units on the market. In truth, whether you need a single stainless steel sink or double kitchen sink, we have the best you will find anywhere.
Our double stainless steel sink, for example, is designed in various configurations, making it easy for you to choose the right sink. Dishwasher space was a priority in the design process, and most typical commercial dishwashers, such as the Washtec UD, can be safely and conveniently stored directly under the sink without the need to make adjustments to the frame.
The structural design of our stainless sink is also important, because it provides a strong and sturdy platform, which is also lightweight and portable. The portability makes it easy for you to change kitchen configurations when your space needs a modification.

Quality Commercial Sinks

The standard configuration (DSB7-1200) is designed for a workstation that is primarily used for washing and rinsing duties, so it places the sink basins directly in the centre of the 1200mm wide unit. 
For situations where the sink is also used as a preparation area, the DSB7-1800 and DSB7-2100 provide more bench space due to the basins being positioned on the left side.
When bench space is much more important than the sink function, our SSB7 range features a single 400mm sink basin positioned at the left or right, with additional bench space ranging from 800mm to 1200mm depending on the chosen model.
We also have stainless steel bench workstations without sink basins, so you can make full use of the available bench space, which can range from 600mm to 1800mm.

Affordable Dishwashing Sinks for Restaurants

With all of these products there is the option to fit a shelf under the unit for storing pots or similar items, or to simply fit leg braces so that a dishwasher can be conveniently accommodated in the space below.
For sophisticated and efficient kitchens, Butler Equipment is the logical choice. Contact us today for more info.
Butler Equipment also supplies asian cooking equipment, commercial food display cases, International Catering Equipment and industrial kitchen supplies.


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