Commercial Jaffle/Waffle Makers

Any establishment that serves food in Australia, from bars to cafes to restaurants to hotels, will know there is one staple food item that belongs on every menu – a jaffle or waffle. Toasted jaffles and waffles are easy to whip up, inexpensive to make yet a big hit with customers.

The ability to offer some simple jaffle options like a ham and cheese toastie, tuna melt, grilled pulled pork sandwich or a veggie option in the form of a mushroom and cheese Jaffle can go a long way to boosting your profits and keeping your clientele happy. You can also use some sweet Jaffle recipes to brighten up your dessert or sweet treat menu too – mixed berries and cream cheese is a particular favourite!

The key to making a profit from Jaffle is to ensure you can quickly and easily whip up several at once. No one wants to be waiting around on a toastie, or you certainly don’t want your staff preoccupied for long periods making individual Jaffles. That’s why a commercial jaffle maker is a must for every busy kitchen. If that’s what you are in the market for, you’ve come to the right place!


Commercial Jaffle/Waffle Makers For Every Sized Kitchen

Run a small café, restaurant or bar? The Neumarker Commercial Jaffle/Waffle Iron Toaster is the ideal fit for your needs. The heavy cast plates ensure constant heat delivery so that your jaffles and waffles are always cooked evenly and consistently, with that delicious golden brown colour, Add pre-made sandwiches directly to the iron to speed up the process and get extra bang for your buck by using it to fry other items like bacon and eggs when needed too.

For the larger industrial or commercial kitchen, the Neumarker Commercial Double Jaffle Toaster can have a significant impact on reducing wait times for a high demand menu item and ensure staff can be redirected to preparing other dishes. Cook up two high quality, delicious toasted jaffles at once, with toasties ready to serve in minutes. No need to worry about burning or presentation, this industrial jaffle maker cooks your toasties to perfection.

Leading Jaffle/Waffle Maker Brands

When in the market for a commercial jaffle/waffle makers, you will be presented with lots of different options, of varying price ranges. If you are truly interested in turning toasties, jaffles and waffles into a highly profitable, high churning menu item, you need to ensure you invest in a quality iron.  There can be stark differences in quality from brand to brand, and that drop in quality can lead to undercooked and overcooked jaffles and waffles and messy presentation, which ultimately leads to unsatisfied customers.

An industrial jaffle/waffle maker should have a significant impact on the productivity and profitability of your kitchen. That’s why at Butler Equipment, we only sell jaffle/waffle makers from the best brands on the market. Brands like Neumarker, who is perhaps the most recognized and respected name in jaffle, waffle and crepe makers worldwide.

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