Commercial Meat Mincers

An industrial meat mincer machine is used to convert solid portions of meat into the finely ground form, known in Australia and many other countries as mince.

A commercial meat mincer machine may be electric or hand operated. An electric mincer machine will obviously save you some effort, though it will probably cost more.

Industrial Meat Mincer Machines for Sale

When looking for a meat mincer, one choice you will face is whether to buy a regular commercial mincer or spring for a heavy duty mincer. The differences are mainly that the input tray for a heavy-duty mincer machine will be larger, and the internal workings will be normally stronger to cope with the higher workload. Of course that can vary between different brands of commercial meat mincers.

The main things you will want to research when choosing a commercial meat mincer include:

  1. Safety (must meet official Australian Standards)
  2. Efficiency (output vs. processing time)
  3. Reliability (larger outlet may reduce risk of clogging)
  4. Durability (heavier materials will provide greater strength)
  5. Cleanability (hygiene is extremely important in processing raw meats)

High Quality Meat Mincer Machines

On the matter of durability, the Anvil MGT0012 Heavy Duty Mincer is one of the most solid pieces of equipment on the market. With the ability to process up to 200kg per hour, it is also a real workhorse as a meat mincer. Commercial mincers don’t come any more strongly built.

In terms of safety and ease-of-cleaning, the Ital TC-12 heavy-duty mincer is designed to exceed the strict EC safety regulations (which are even tougher than Australian standards), and is engineered for easy access to the interior for cleaning. Because it is fan cooled, it can be operated more continuously than the MGT0012, which must be powered off and allowed to cool after each hour of use.

Finding the Right Meat Mincer Machine for your Needs

If this all sounds like a really difficult decision, you’re not wrong. But it is essential to make the right choice. With nearly four decades of experience in supplying commercial kitchen equipment to the Australian hospitality industry, Butler Equipment can help take the hard work out of these types of decisions.

Our staff are trained professionals who are able to answer your questions in plain English, so you’ll get accurate information and as much of it as you need to help with your decision. We can even make recommendations upon request.

To get started, the easiest way is to give us a call on 1800 225 215 during business hours. We will be delighted to assist you with all kinds of advice related to your commercial kitchen needs.

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