Commercial Meat Slicers

When it comes to cutting the perfect slice of meat, there’s no better way to do it than with a commercial meat slicer. Read more…

These robust and efficient cutters will ensure that each slice is cut to the exact thickness that you need, whether you’re slicing a freshly roasted joint of beef, you’re slicing chorizo for your deli counter or you need to slice up some frozen meat.

Commercial Meat Slicers

Whether you choose a light duty electric meat cutter or you need something a little more robust, automatic meat slicers mean no more uneven slices of meat. The two removable blades ensure effortless operation and guarantee that you’ll receive exceptional performance no matter how many slices of meat you produce.

They offer adjustable slice thickness meaning that you can always cut the perfect portion of meat, whether you’re a small butcher or you’re catering for thousands.

Furthermore, the units are fitted with tough suction cups on the bottom to make sure that the blades stay where you put them when you’re slicing, and their removable blades allow for simple, fuss-free cleaning.

A Selection of Electric Meat Cutters

Some of our more heavy duty slicers are able to produce cuts up to 14mm thick so if you need a lot of meat slicing in thick slices, using the meat slicer automatic will make very light work of an otherwise difficult task.

  • One of the top automatic food slicers is the Anvil Meat Slicer which, contrary to what its name suggests, is able to slice all kinds of meats and vegetables. It’s even capable of slicing raw and frozen meat by inserting a frozen food blade, and is built of top quality aluminium to ensure that it meets safety and hygiene requirements.
  • Of course, the commercial slicer is not only suitable for meat; it can slice cheese and vegetables too. However, your machine must be thoroughly cleaned between slicing if you do use it for meat and other products. If possible, it’s best to have separate slicers for each kind of food product.
    To keep your Commercial Meat Slicer hygienically maintained, view our Hospitality Cleaning Products

Heavy Duty Commercial Meat Slicers

So if you’re looking to buy an automatic food slicer for your business, you’ll find the perfect commercial meat slicer for sale here on our site.

Whether you’re in the business of slicing meats and cheeses for your deli counter or you need a meat slicer to ensure that you’re serving up the correct sized portion of meat in your Sunday roasts, you’ll be able to find a slicer that will meet your needs.

However, if you do need further advice on which model would be the best food slicer for your catering establishment, please get in touch.

Our customer service team will be able to talk you through your options and help you find the most appropriate model for you, at a price that fits into your budget.

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