High Quality Stick Blenders

Stick blenders, also known as immersion blenders, are hand held blenders used to puree food and blend ice into drinks. Getting the best hand blender is a goal many chefs set for themselves, but with so many commercial stick blenders on the market, it can be a challenge to decide which one really is the best.

If you’re wondering why you even need a commercial stick blender when there are plenty of stick blenders available for home use, you’re probably very new to the world of professional catering, or to the magic of a dynamic stick blender.

Best Hand Blenders on the market

There is definitely a difference between a professional and an ordinary stick blender. Commercial appliances are designed for heavy-duty use, and are usually also more powerful.  Professional dynamic stick blender parts are also made from stronger materials, so they will have great durability.

Those are all good reasons to seek out a quality stick blender, but it’s not going to be as simple as just driving around the neighbourhood looking for a commercial stick blender sale. To really get the best blender, you must know what qualities are required to make it ideal for use in your business.

What To Look for When Buying a Stick Blender

Motor: The most important feature of a stick blender is the motor. Without a motor, you essentially have just a stick. So the motor is what makes it a blender.

Motors come in different sizes and power ratings. The stats you’ll need to consider are power (measured in watts) and torque (measured in RPM). Higher maximum torque values mean more processing power. Ideally you want the most torque you can get at a low wattage, as this is what determines the efficiency of the motor.

Weight: You also need to consider the weight of the stick, as if it is heavy and powerful, it will require the user to actually be physically strong enough to hold and operate it. Otherwise there is a risk of the blender running away from you, which will be messy at best, and potentially dangerous at worst. Getting more power at lower weight is therefore also desirable.

Speed: Many stick blenders have variable speed motors, and some of the more advanced ones, like the Robot Coupe CMP300VV are designed to automatically lock the torque at the rate you require, so the speed will stay the same in all blending conditions.

Length: Then there is the length of the shaft, which makes a difference to the volume you can process within a certain size and shape of container.

Grip: Finally, the grip type is also important. It’s best to choose something that feels safe and comfortable in your hand. Some of these blenders can be heavy, as mentioned earlier, so it’s important to be able to hold onto it without suffering fatigue too quickly.

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