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Cookon Commercial Cooking Equipment is one of Queensland’s largest manufacturers of food service equipment and commercial cooking equipment. Cookon Commercial has been manufacturing the “Cookon” brand since 1970 and manufactures a large range of gas and charcoal fired food service equipment and is justifiably proud of its high quality and super energy efficient “Australian-made” products.


If you are catering for the masses and need sturdy catering equipment that can handle the pressure, stand the test of time and provide quality foods time and time again, then you can most certainly consider the CookOn commercial catering equipment.  CookOn was established in 1970 and is known for their fantastic quality gas and charcoal fired service equipment that excels when it comes to energy efficiency, durability, and elegance.  These Australian-made products are a perfect addition for any commercial kitchen and will provide you and your business with great efficiency and service for years to come.

Our range of CookOn deep fryers consist of nothing but the best

Butler Equipment is experienced in commercial and industrial cooking and kitchen products and we do our best to select only the best products for redistribution.  CookOn is known for its superb quality products and we believe that any of the following 6 deep fryers range supreme and is exactly what you need for your business.

Single pan commercial deep fryer – Consists of two baskets and is the smallest of our single pan range with a 34-litre oil capacity per pan.

Jumbo Single pan commercial deep fryer – Consists of two baskets and is slightly bigger with a 40-litre oil capacity per pan.

Split twin commercial deep fryer – Consists of two half-size baskets and an oil capacity of 15 litres per pan.

Compact twin commercial deep fryer – Consists of two full-size baskets and an oil capacity of 25 litres per pan.

FFR-2-525S commercial deep fryer – Consists of four full-size baskets and an oil capacity of 40 litres per pan

FFR-2-460S commercial deep fryer – Consists of four full-size baskets and has an oil capacity of 34 litres per pan

Businesses can buy these quality deep fryers and other commercial catering equipment, industrial cooking supplies, industrial kitchen appliances and more directly from our website and we will your purchase delivered to your business address anywhere in Australia.

Why a CookOn deep fryer is a perfect investment for your business

At Butler Equipment we only stock up on the highest quality commercial catering equipment to be found and we are especially proud of our wide range of CookOn deep fryers. These deep fryers are the perfect investment for your company for the following reasons.

  • We have small to large deep fryers to suit your every need or available kitchen space
  • CookOn’s deep fryers are designed for functionality.  They are fashioned with wheels which makes it easy to move these fryers where you need them or to transport them whenever you relocate.
  • The deep fryers have a sturdy design and are manufactured from materials that will last
  • The design of these deep fryers makes them easy to keep clean so you can maintain high kitchen hygiene standards with ease
  • The fryers have a beautiful, clean cut design and the quality stainless materials provide an elegant feel.  This beautiful design makes it suitable for any commercial kitchen including five-star establishments.
  • These fryers are all gas operated which gives chefs quick functionality since gas operated fryers are much quicker for bringing oil to temperature.  The gas fryers are also energy efficient which makes it a perfect investment for any modern business.
  • Deep fryers are simple in design and easy to operate.
  • Offers incredibly quick frying time and delivers foods that are perfectly fried on the outside, yet moist on the inside and tastes great.

Contact Butler Equipment right now on 1800 225 215 if you want to find out more about our excellent quality CookOn commercial equipment or shop directly online and get your brilliant new deep fryer delivered to your business address in no time at all.

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