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Unique Kitchen Products from Goldstein Eswood

A true legend in the Australian catering industry, Goldstein Eswood Australia is a prolific manufacturer of quality commercial kitchen products.

As a major supplier to the industry in Australia since 1979, Butler Equipment is proud of our long standing association with Goldstein Eswood, a company that designs and manufactures all of their products right here in Australia.

Goldstein Eswood

The company is divided into two divisions, both well known for the superiority of their products. Goldstein is responsible for manufacture of the cooking products, including the popular Goldstein ovens. Meanwhile, Eswood dishwashers and cleaning products are famous in their own right.

The main reason to choose a Goldstein oven is the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that you can expect from a product designed and built in Australia to Australian standards.

Whether gas or electric, every Goldstein oven is built to be a serious piece of kitchen equipment, and more than exceeds expectations. From the durable stainless steel exterior to the heavy-duty cooktop fittings, every Goldstein oven is a masterpiece.

Quality Products from Goldstein Eswood

In addition to the oven range, Goldstein also manufactures other cooking equipment. A Goldstein deep fryer is built for energy efficiency and easy cleaning.

Goldstein manufactures a salamander grill in both gas and electric versions, and there are also Goldstein griddles available. A Goldstein griddle is made with a mild steel plate to maximise heat transfer, and has a spill zone and drip trays for easy cleaning.

All of these products come with a 10-year parts availability guarantee and 12 months parts and labour warranty.

Eswood Dishwashers and Glasswashers

Eswood dishwashers and glasswashers are also excellent products, built with quality Australian engineering. The Eswood Smartwash 900 is a revolutionary breakthrough in upright pass-through dishwashers, with a unique heat recovery system to recycle energy from steam, which not only results in cost savings but also helps your business to be more environmentally friendly.  Add the optional insulated eco hood, and the energy savings are even greater, plus there is the additional benefit of noise reduction.

The more traditional under counter style dishwashers offered by Eswood include the Smartwash 400 and Smartwash 500 models. The main difference between them is in the capacity, with the SW500 model being able to fit up to 500 standard 350mm plates, which means the machine can wash up to 2000 plates per hour. Incredibly, this machine only requires 2.5 liters of water per cycle.

Get professional and economical results with Goldstein Eswood

The Goldstein Eswood range of commercial kitchen products available from Butler Equipment is well known throughout Australia and internationally. Famous for high quality and excellent design innovation, the beauty of Goldstein Eswood products lies in their simplicity.

There is no undue complexity with these machines, just simple straightforward systems that do the job they are built to do. These are products built for heavy duty use, and you can see the quality in the sturdy stainless steel construction.

Ovens and cooktops

For rapid and precise heating, the Goldstein PE-6R-28 electric range with static electric oven is an excellent choice. Each of the six large heating elements on the cooktop can be independently controlled. The generous interior capacity of the oven is also impressive.

Smaller but no less impressive is the Goldstein PE-4S-20, which has just four radiant heat plates and a smaller oven size. It’s what you might look for to suit a less busy or more compact kitchen.

If you don’t need an oven, you can cut your costs down by choosing the Goldstein PEB-6S, which has six radiant heat plates with independent controls.

The famous Goldstein salamander

With this excellent gas fuelled salamander grill you can get exquisite results. The cast iron grids allow you to achieve fantastic marking, and the movable ratchet has five positions so you can set your grill to give you different cooking intensities from the same temperature selection.

Nothing less than fantastic top down grilling is what you can expect from the Goldstein SA-36FF salamander.

Griddles and deep fryers

When you want to put the fast in fast food, Goldstein’s outstanding range of griddles and deep fryers have your needs covered.

The Goldstein GPGDB-24 gas griddle is over half a metre wide, and the shape makes it really easy to reach every item without difficulty or danger. Perfect for cooking all kinds of griddle-friendly foods, and it’s truly a pleasure to work with.

If you need a more compact solution, such as if you’re working from a food van, then the Goldstein GPGDB-12 gas griddle may be more suitable for your needs. This one is just 30.5cm wide, but it’s a very capable unit that will give you reliable and quick results.

The deep fryer range includes both split pan and single pan models. Simple and economical, they won’t let you down.

Dishwashers and glasswashers

Keeping your dishes and glassware clean is a snap with Eswood dishwashers and glasswashers. They are environmentally friendly, fast acting, and thorough.

The heat recovery system of the Eswood Smartwash 900 makes this model especially economical and even more environmentally friendly. It recycles energy from steam, so less power is used in the wash cycle.       The optional insulated eco hood boosts the energy savings even more, and helps with noise reduction as well.

If you just want a simple dishwasher that can fit under the counter, the Eswood Smartwash 400 and Smartwash 500 models are what you need. The model numbers in this case refer to the number of standard 350mm plates that can fit in a single wash load (so that would be 400 and 500 respectively), and the “Smart” part is that it can wash a full load perfectly using just 2.5 litres of water.

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The generous door height of 325mm (SW400) or 365mm (SW500) means you can fit virtually anything in there for washing. For items that really need it, these dishwashers also feature a six minute scrub cycle to help remove any stubborn clinging particles or stains.

All Eswood dishwashers provide a sustainable and economically efficient solution for a modern catering or restaurant business.

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