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International Catering Equipment (ICE) was founded in September 1997 as an importer and wholesale distributor of the ANVIL brand of commercial counter-top catering equipment.


Their aim was to offer the market an economical and reliable alternative to what was being offered by local manufacturers and other importers. Following the growth and success of the ANVIL brand, International Catering Equipment expanded the range to include other brands of equipment as well as commercial refrigeration. International Catering Equipment now offer a comprehensive range of refrigeration including counter-top, freestanding, upright displays, upright storage as well as a range of under-bench models.

We also have a wide range of commercial kitchen appliances including blast chillerscombi steam oven & commercial glass washers.

Australia’s specialists in international catering equipment

As a caterer, you are expected to project a certain image of professionalism, and of course one of the key components in achieving this objective is to be certain of having professional equipment.

When you need professional catering equipment of the highest standard, you can count on Butler Equipment to supply it.

We are one of Australia’s longest running and most successful international catering suppliers, and we provide the leading brands in catering equipment at genuine value prices.

You will find the products we supply in top restaurants and catering businesses all around the world. High quality products that get the job done, do it exceptionally well, and look exactly like what you’d expect to find in a professional commercial kitchen.

Our range includes:

  • Commercial refrigerators, freezers, and blast chillers
  • Cooktops, grills, ovens, salamanders, griddles, toasters, and deep fryers
  • Slicers, mixers, blenders, and commercial food processors
  • Counters, benches, and display cabinets
  • Coffee machines, slushie machines, and even soup kettles
  • Plus many more categories and items

Whatever you need in terms of kitchen equipment, you will find at Butler Equipment, and it will be the best. A successful catering business should never have anything but the best, of course, which is why that’s what we provide.

You can’t go wrong with Anvil

We are choosy about the brands we stock. There can be no compromise on quality, because commercial kitchens need products they can rely on. A single equipment failure can result in a kitchen catastrophe, and your reputation is at stake each and every time you prepare meals. It’s not something you can take lightly, which is why we don’t either.

Anvil is a brand we respect and recommend. Every Anvil product is manufactured to high standards of safety and efficiency.

The Anvil company started up as a small business in South Africa in 1966, and has gone on to become one of the most recognized names in commercial kitchen equipment in more than 30 countries around the world.

You can depend on Anvil for reliability. Their production facility near Johannesburg is accredited to ISO9001:2008 standard, and produces products that are truly built to last.

Anvil makes almost every kind of commercial kitchen equipment you could imagine, and every product is engineered to the same high standards. There is no weak link in the Anvil chain, which is why we’re very proud to stock this brand for our customers to choose.

When you buy Anvil, you are buying well. The products are easily affordable, very strong and durable, and they do the job they are made for.  Many commercial catering businesses have started out with Anvil equipment and have never replaced it, because there’s simply no need to.

You can buy these high quality Anvil products right now from Butler Equipment, which is your assurance of great value and after sales service.


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