Speed up your pizza production with a Starline pizza oven

Some of the world’s best pizza ovens are made right here in Australia. The brand is called Starline, which is part of the Woodson range that was acquired by Stoddart in 2016.

All of the Starline ovens are still assembled on site at the factory in Brisbane. One of the very good aspects about this is that technical support for your pizza oven is made much simpler when you’re dealing with locals.


How the Starline pizza oven helps

Pizza production is a time-sensitive business. Customers don’t like to wait too long to get their pizzas, and if you’re using a Starline pizza oven, they won’t have to.

Starline pizza ovens use a conveyor system to move the pizza through the oven body at precisely the right speed to ensure it is cooked perfectly. Inside the oven, the high temperature element delivers just the right amount of heat to ensure a nice crispy base, delightfully melted cheese, and properly cooked toppings without burning.

The technology of these pizza ovens, depending on the size and model, allows each oven to produce between 38 and 45 pizzas per hour. The compact design allows multiple ovens to be run concurrently, so in theory you could produce far more than 45 pizzas per hour if you have the personnel and the demand for that level of production.

With this oven, your customers get their delicious pizzas more quickly, and cooked to perfection every time.

Main features of the Starline pizza oven range

Everything we just told you about the Starline pizza oven probably has you dreaming about the possibilities, but you’re about to find out there are a lot more good reasons to consider buying a Starline pizza oven.

  • Starline ovens are easy to use, with a simple touchscreen interface that lets you “set and forget”. Just don’t forget to collect the pizza when it is ready.
  • The system uses fans to keep the controls cool, and the oven itself is also fan forced, to provide a quicker and more intense cooking method.
  • The conveyor has a variable speed belt with automatic tensioning.
  • You can configure the unit to operate from left to right or from right to left, whichever of these is more convenient for you.
  • The ovens are designed to be energy efficient, with pulse power independent temperature controls for the top and bottom elements.
  • High quality stainless steel construction to ensure long life durability
  • Manufacturer’s warranty issued as standard with every Starline pizza oven

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