Zexa Chemicals: “Clean fast. Clean safe.”

Having a clean work environment significantly impacts employees and customers – and your success as a business. It is especially important to the hospitality industry, where the handling and storage of food and the cleaning of kitchen surfaces and equipment is essential for minimising the risk of contamination.


1. How correct cleaning methods prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses
You couldn’t count the bacteria and and germs within the average workplace without having a nauseous moment! Consider that an office carries over 10 million bacteria (that’s 400 times more germs than a toilet seat) and the cost of resulting absenteeism and sickness. The spread of germs can be prevented by regularly disinfecting surfaces and objects with appropriate chemicals and disinfectants. Contact us to learn more about which Zexa chemicals will work best to eliminate the spread of illnesses and bacteria within your premise.

2. Why employees are more productive in a clean, fresh workplace
Messy, unclean workplaces reduce employee motivation to complete tasks to a high standard. A clean working environment has been proven to boost employee productivity through improved focus and concentration, reduced stress levels, lower downtime and wasted time and increased employee morale. Zexa chemicals are also formulated with low impact fragrance levels – strongly fragranced cleaning agents can cause headaches, migraines and trigger allergies.

3. The right cleaning product helps reduce slips, trips and falls in the workplace
As the second highest source of workplace injury to occur within the workplace in Australia, incidents like these have many potential repercussions for businesses – and employers. Thoroughly cleaned, dry floors ensure the prevention of slips, trips and falls and knowing which amongst the wide range of floor cleaning products is best for different industries is not always obvious. Not all cleaning chemicals will suit all flooring and can in fact be detrimental. Contact us to discuss the right floor cleaning products and equipment for your premise.

4. Prolongs the lifecycle of your assets
Your kitchen & office equipment need just as much maintenance as floors and surfaces to ensure the longest possible functional lifespan. Consider your building, carpets, windows, toilets and every other fixture you can think of. within your business and know that the right commercial cleaning product helps prolong the life of these costly assets. That’s right – even carpets are assets and need to be properly maintained to maximise return on investment! Contact us if you’d like to learn how the formuation of Zexa cleaning chemicals helps increase the lifespan of your assets, saving you money now and in the future!

5. Maximise your positive company image in the public eye
First impressions are everything. Employees are not the only ones that roam through a workplace – clients, suppliers and the general public – whether consciously or subconsciously, take note of a clean and tidy workplace and customer environment. This is especially true in hospitality premises, where it is so important to instill confidence and trust with guests and visitors. Cleanliness implies quality and care, leaving a good impression of yourself as an employer and of the company and its employees. Contact us if you’re looking for easy-to-use, business-appropriate cleaning products!

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