Commercial Cooking Range
If you want to know the quality of a commercial kitchen, usually looking at the cooking range will tell you everything you need to know. The truly professional kitchen will invest properly in ensuring it has an excellent commercial cooking range of adequate size and performance to meet the demand that will be placed on it.
Getting your commercial cooking range from Butler Equipment is a smart move because we have plenty to choose from and genuine value prices.

Excellent Choices from Leading Commercial Cooking Range’s Brands
Butler Equipment is committed to stocking only those brands that provide true quality and value, which is how you know you can trust anything we sell.
We choose and supply products from the leading manufacturers, and we select our products carefully. You will find products from Waldorf, Olis, Goldstein, Cobra, Blue Seal, and TrueHeat.
More About Our Commercial Cooking Ranges
You can choose whatever you need from gas ovens, grills, griddles, grills, and combination units that combine two or more of these types into one appliance.
When in Doubt, Choose Waldorf
If you’re not really sure what to install, you will find that more serious commercial kitchens choose Waldorf than any other brand. This is because of the excellent performance the Waldorf products provide and their easy affordability.
The body of Waldorf commercial cooking range appliances is made from thick stainless steel, while the cooking hobs are made from heavy-duty cast iron with vitreous enamel pot stands. These are products that are built to last, and all Waldorf cooking ranges are exceptionally well made.
Waldorf offers so many great choices you will have no trouble finding something to suit the needs of your kitchen.
Olis Provides a Simple Efficient Electric Cooktop
Olis is a respected name in commercial kitchen appliances, and while they don’t make too many commercial cooking ranges, what they do offer is impressive.
The Olis XXLine Electric Plancha is a simple bench top cooker that has four individual heating zones that can each provide selectable temperature up to 400° C. This is a good choice when you prefer or need to use electric appliances.
Goldstein Offers Economy and Versatility
You’ll most often find Goldstein products in small family-run takeaway shops and similar places. That’s because they provide simple machines that are very low cost. While they don’t have the heavy duty construction of Waldorf products, they do provide very impressive performance at very attractive prices.
Anvil Compact Convection Ovens
We stock two different models of Anvil convection ovens. They are inexpensive and made with the quality you would expect from Anvil products.
Trueheat The Cheap Alternative To Waldorf
If you need the Waldorf appliance style but you can’t afford it, TrueHeat is a brand you can turn to. Somewhat less solidly constructed, these appliances still provide decent performance and they cost a lot less than equivalently sized Waldorf appliances.
For example, the MSRP of a Cobra 4 burner cooktop is just over $2800, while a 4 burner cooktop from Waldorf has an MSRP of more than $5000. Of course Butler Equipment sells these appliances for much less than the MSRP, but in terms of product comparison, Cobra is less expensive but also not quite up to the same construction standards as Waldorf.
Our Range of Commercial Kitchen Appliances
We have a great collection of commercial kitchen appliances including cooking ranges, Blast Chillers, Combi Steam Ovens & Commercial Dishwashers & Glass Washers.
Browse the Commercial Cooking Range at Butler Equipment
Chefs and kitchen staff alike hone their skills for countless years and develop them to the point where they become experts at what they do. This takes time and makes the people in your business an incredible investment.
Without the appropriate tools or ingredients, however, their work is severely limited. The best kitchens understand this which is why they make sure to cultivate a comfortable and effective working environment for all of the team.
A large part of this is choosing the correct cooking equipment which can include ovens, fryers, grills and all other manner of materials. With these essentials in place, your kitchen and the staff within it will be ready for success.
But these pieces of equipment are traditionally quite expensive and the high prices associated with them can turn away some businesses which will prefer to pursue cheaper alternatives. The best appliances are within your reach though, if you choose to shop with Butler Equipment.
The Best Brands
Our business has existed since 1979 and in that time we have cultivated deep links within the hospitality industry with suppliers and business owners alike. This has placed our team in the unique position to understand your needs and how those can be best addressed by the suppliers that we work with.
Over the years we have been able to identify the best and worst when it comes to brands and when you shop with us you can shop safe in the knowledge that you’re only seeing the best: we have vetted the results for you and only the most impressive brands make it through.
These brands offer the very best in terms of quality and value for money while also offering incredible longevity so that they eventually pay for themselves given enough time.
Flexible Financing Options
At Butler Equipment we offer a wide variety of new, used and rental equipment so that you can fulfil your needs in the way that’s the most appropriate to you. We understand that businesses move at different paces and that a blend of these options may achieve the best results for some.
Our team are very happy to share details of our financing options and you’ll find that they are very helpful and responsive to any queries that you may have.
Emergency Maintenance
Your kitchen equipment essentially becomes your kitchen – you need a fully-functioning kitchen to be able to operate smoothly and you can’t afford to have any kind of unravelling in the operation. Disrupted service can result in long waiting times, unhappy customers and, ultimately, damaged profits.
To help you ensure that your state-of-the-art equipment is constantly in the best possible shape, we offer a range of warranties and maintenance packages which you can discover more about on our website and through consultation with our helpful team of representatives.
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Are you looking to augment your kitchen and take it to the next level with products from our commercial cooking range? Browse our cooking equipment today and be sure to get in touch with us if you need anything from our side!


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