Commercial Char Grill Equipment for Restaurants
When it comes to choosing char grill equipment for a restaurant, this decision may have a greater impact on your business than all of the other equipment purchases you make. This is because a commercial char grill is an energy intensive appliance, meaning it can cost a lot to operate.

Commercial Char Broil Grill
On the other hand, everyone knows that char grilled food tastes incredibly good, which is why it’s so popular. Choosing good charcoal grill restaurant equipment will invariably lead to satisfied customers and repeat business (provided a skilled chef is operating the equipment, of course).
If the kind of food you plan to be serving is well-suited to char grilling, then it would be a massive mistake to not purchase an excellent commercial char broil grill. In such a case, the money you spend for grill equipment is more than justified by the extra sales you will make. 

Commercial Charcoal Gas Grill
While it’s still possible to find the traditional char broil commercial grill style, most modern restaurant businesses find it easier and more efficient to choose a char broil commercial gas grill. Gas has a number of advantages, including producing less smoke (thus providing a potentially more healthy environment for kitchen staff) and being easier to clean.
Some purists will argue that the use of a real charcoal grill imparts a more authentic flavour to the food, but there are plenty of people who would disagree. Still others would suggest that the food tastes better sans the charcoal taste. As with most things food related, it mostly comes down to personal preference, and that’s not a good method for making a critical business decision.

Commercial Char Grills in Australia
The logical conclusion when choosing your char grill is commercial factors are more important than emotional factors. Instead of giving too much weight to intangibles such as preferences, things that can actually be measured, such as operating costs, health effects, and operational safety are more useful. 
Butler Equipment stocks a carefully selected range of the very best restaurant char grill equipment on the market. It is not an exhaustive list, but this is because we insist on supplying only the very best.
Our choices are based on many important criteria. We look for quality, reliability, and efficiency. High quality does not always necessarily mean high prices, and many products that we don’t stock actually come with a higher price tag. We don’t stock them because they didn’t meet our strict standards, or because they would have represented poor value for our clients.

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So when you purchase commercial kitchen items from Butler Equipment, you have the assurance of high quality and good value.
For more information or expert advice, you can call us on 1800 225 215 to discuss the specific needs of your business.
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