The Best Commercial Rotisserie on the Market
If you are currently looking for a rotisserie chicken oven for sale, this page contains valuable advice about chicken rotisserie equipment you need to be aware of before deciding which commercial chicken rotisserie machine is going to be best for your needs.

Find the Chicken Rotisserie that suits your needs
The basics of a chicken rotisserie machine are simple. A whole chicken is suspended, and a motor then rotates the chicken over a heat source until it is cooked. That just describes the most simple type of rotisserie, but a commercial rotisserie machine can also be much more complex.
Variations in a free standing rotisserie can include the number of chickens that can be cooked simultaneously, the method of suspending the meat within the oven, and of course other things than chicken could be cooked with it.
The chicken doesn’t necessarily have to be skewered, as in a spit roast or döner style. It could be suspended in a basket or the chicken could be clamped by mechanical arms. There are endless variations because people have different opinions about what method will give the perfect result.

High Quality Chicken Rotisserie for Sale
Some people believe the skewering method is better because it can speed up the cooking process, also the skewer itself conducts heat directly into the body cavity.  Others say that alternative methods help seal in the juices, preserving flavours and moisture. Most experts recommend against skewering because the perfect roast requires something more than just a fast cooking time.
Anyway, the most important points of a chicken rotisserie machine are as follows:

Physical size and capacity
Method of holding product
Display aesthetics
Method and safety of accessing product
Power consumption

Chicken Rotisseries from Butler Equipment
Butler Equipment is a leading supplier of commercial kitchen equipment in Australia. Our reputation in the industry is built on a long record (almost 40 years) of consistent success.
Because we are strict about stocking only the very best products in each category, we currently offer only two models of chicken rotisserie for sale. Of course we’re always keen to add a new chicken rotisserie machine to our list if one comes onto the market which meets all the criteria that our product buyers demand.
Our present models are the FED YXD-266 (not to be confused with the StarFoods product which inexplicably has an identical product number), and the Anvil 96970.
The former has a capacity of 8 to 12 birds, depending on size, and uses energy efficient convection cooking. The latter is a no-nonsense commercial chicken rotisserie,  employing radiant heat for quicker results,  but unless you’re roasting quail, the capacity is limited to eight birds.
Both are excellent choices for restaurant and catering businesses. For more information, contact Butler Equipment to discuss your specific needs.
Butler Equipment is Melbourne’s best suppliers of commercial cooking equipment. We specialise in meat mincer machines, commercial dishwashers, bain marie and stick blenders.


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