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When considering the range of commercial stoves for sale, there are many factors that should be given due thought. Choosing the right commercial cooktop can make all the difference to the success of your food business.
There are many different factors you will be giving thought to when selecting your commercial gas cooktop. The main one will most likely be the purchase price, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that cheap commercial stoves will be the most cost-effective.

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What can be said in favour of cheaper cooktops is that they can offer an advantage when you’re just getting started, allowing you to spend more of your cash on other fixtures and fittings. However, that also has to come with a caveat that if you do start out with the cheapest option, you should also be planning to upgrade once the business is off to a good start. 
When you invest in a better quality commercial kitchen stove, it will reward you with reliability, performance, and possibly also lower running costs. The ordinary or cheap commercial gas stove may wear out more quickly, experience performance issues, and could even have safety concerns (always check that your commercial gas range is properly certified to Australian standards).

Commercial Gas Stove
You’ll notice we’re talking a lot about gas stoves here, and that’s because a commercial electric cooktop is usually going to be more expensive to operate than a commercial gas cooker. This is why nearly all commercial kitchens tend to prefer gas for their normal cookery, saving electrical appliances for specialty needs.
The next thing to know is that much of what you are paying for in a commercial cooktop is “real estate”, or in other words, the amount of surface area the cooktop provides. More surface area normally means more burners, or in some cases it may also include a griddle surface or other special features.
Quality commercial stoves use heavy-duty materials for their construction, which is why they’re generally more expensive than the typical domestic stove. They also tend to be quite heavy, so unless you’re buying a bench-top model, it makes sense to look for one that has casters so you can easily move the stove when you need to.

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Butler Equipment stocks the best range of quality commercial cooktop brands available in Australia. Our store has been serving the Australian hospitality industry for nearly four decades, and we are one of the biggest names in commercial kitchen equipment supply. 
If you need advice or assistance with choosing a commercial cooktop solution, our sales team can be contacted on 1800 225 215 and will be happy to help you in any way they can. The cooktop is a very important piece of equipment for start-up restaurants and caterers, so getting expert advice is always a good idea before you make your final selection.
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