Electric Commercial Griddle
There is an overwhelming choice of griddles for sale, making for a difficult task in selecting one. As with any important business purchase, you will want to make sure your investment is going to give you long-lasting and highly satisfactory results.

Commercial Gas Griddle
Butler Equipment currently stocks a wide range of industrial griddle options. This doesn’t mean we have relaxed our standards when it comes to evaluating a commercial griddle, but is simply is a reflection of the incredible diversity of restaurant griddle choices available.
Our product selection team searches throughout the world to locate the best products from the best manufacturers of the modern day griddle. Commercial kitchen equipment needs to be the best quality you can afford, so we don’t waste your time by stocking products that don’t meet our strict criteria.

Buying a commercial griddle? Here’s What You Need To Know
There are a number of things you’ll need to think about before finally making your decision about which griddle to purchase.

The first logical choice you’ll need to make is between a flat griddle and a grooved griddle.  If you choose the latter, you’ll need special grooved cleaning equipment, and you may need to use more oils when cooking to prevent foods from sticking to the surface.
You’ll also need to make the decision between whether you want to buy a commercial gas griddle or a commercial electric griddle. Generally speaking, a gas griddle will be a more economical choice than an electric griddle. Commercial operations where input cost is a major consideration will benefit from choosing gas, but electric griddles may offer some advantages for those who don’t need to be as concerned about cost.
The next very important factor in your choice is the matter of size. Obviously a larger surface area allows you to cook more items at once, more easily manage your workflow, and more easily segregate different food types as you’re cooking. In an environment where strict segregation is highly desirable (eg. you are cooking foods which are completely incompatible with each other), it may actually be better to purchase multiple smaller griddles instead of one large one.

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Another advantage of using multiple griddles is that you can more accurately operate at different temperatures (for example, when you use a high heat for initial searing and then switch to a lower heat for the remainder of the cooking process) rather than relying on “cool spots” on a single griddle plate, or manually adjusting the temperature for different phases of cooking.
Making manual adjustments isn’t very precise, but also it slows you down because you cannot introduce new foods onto the griddle that require a high initial temperature while you’re cooking at a lower temperature.
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