Hot Plate Catering

As a catering specialist, you are aware that more than anything else, food will be among the most remembered details of any event. Whether you are serving in an institution, a special event or a restaurant, the meal you serve will form a highlight that few will forget.

Getting it just right will ensure that your consumer enjoys the meal and has fond recollections. Hot plates for catering are an ideal and space-saving way to keep food warm on any countertop, for any occasion.

Taking up far less space than chafing dishes and other similar food warmers, these little handy warmers can be used on or off site, providing a great solution to quickly heating or keeping foods warm.

At Butler Equipment, the range of food warmers that we have in stock keep pans, plates, coffee and meals at the perfect temperature throughout your event or meal time. They are suitable for both small and big events and come in a variety of sizes to suit whatever catering need.

In addition, we stock the finest brands to ensure efficiency, high performance, and durability. They are simply designed and compact, making them ideal to have on counter tops and easy to store away after use.


Our Hot Plate Models

We have the following stocks of hot plates for you to choose from:

  • Anvil Single Boiling Top
  • Anvil Boiling Top
  • Double Boiling Hot Plate
  • Anvil Induction Cooker

As our brands are of the highest quality, you are assured that your catering hospitality events are covered and that providing hot food won’t be an issue. As catering equipment goes, our hotplates are an item that shouldn’t be missed on your shopping list because they are truly convenient and essential. They make the perfect warmers for breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets.

Need to keep a pot of coffee warm, or any other dish? Using heat-resistant pots, pans or dishes is all you’ll need to keep your consumer smiling as they enjoy their cup of coffee or meal hot off the hot plate at just the right temperature.

As they are also far less bulky than the traditional chafing dishes, their small, convenient size makes them suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.

Our Commitment to Your Success

We bring you the best quality of catering products at very competitive prices. Our business goal is to ensure your satisfaction. We source high quality local and imported products to give your catering business a chance at success.

We have over 30 years of experience in providing catering equipment solutions to the catering hospitality industry – and our team are always on hand to answer any questions that you may have about any of our products.

Our Flexible Terms

Not yet ready to buy? We understand that you may not be ready to commit to a huge overhead and so we offer rentals at easy monthly terms. To find out more about renting or buying a hot plate, please speak to a member of our team. In addition, we can provide finance to facilitate your purchase, and we offer delivery to any destination in Australia.

Our products all come with a manufacturer’s warranty, to guarantee you an affordable and durable piece of equipment.  Why don’t you visit our showroom located at 28 Strathmore Rd, Caves Beach NSW 2281 to see and try out our hot plates for catering?

Or you may order with us online. Our phone number is 1800 225 215, and our fax no. Is 1800 009 774. We look forward to hearing from you.

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