Commercial Combi Steam Ovens

For the professional chef who demands perfection in every facet of the cooking process, Butler Equipment has just the thing. Our combi steam oven is a precision engineered technology that provides perfect balance in temperature and humidity, so you can turn out perfectly cooked at presented dishes every time.


Everything You’d Expect from A Commercial Combi Steam Oven

We have have a great collection of Combi steam ovens including Rational Combi Steam Ovens. The idea of a combi steam oven is not a new one, but our commercial combi steam oven is a cut above the average. If it is the first time you are reading about this equipment, you may be a bit confused about exactly what it does.
Essentially it is a combination steam oven that also can cook using traditional convection, giving you the best of both methods. But the cleverness of the combi steam oven doesn’t just stop there.


The Most Sophisticated Combi Steam Oven On the Market Today

Equipped with an array of sensors, the control board uses sophisticated technology to perfectly control the cooking in accordance with the settings you program.
What does it all mean? It means you can cook with total confidence that you’ll get perfect results, provided you get the initial settings correct. As a professional chef, it should be easy enough to figure out what settings you need. After you’ve made your selections, the oven does everything else, and you can watch the progress through the large transparent window on the oven door.


Easy Operation

One of the best things about the commercial combi steam oven we sell is that with training any kitchen employee should be able to operate it. We don’t mean by this that they’ll instantly becoming cooking experts, but that they can set the required settings, select the pre-set recipe, open and close the oven, check the progress of the cooking. It’s so easy to operate that it takes almost no effort at all. Nearly everything is automated, and because it has the ability to pump itself full of steam, it even makes cleaning a breeze, with the automatic cleaning system. Of course because the interior and exterior are flawless stainless steel, it’s extremely easy to clean anyway.

The basic steps are simple. Set the cooking mode, set the temperature, and set the timer. Once the oven reaches the correct temperature, you can easily operate the front door latch and add food items to the shelves. There are plenty of slots for adjustable shelves to be added, and you can use many different rack types. Once you’ve placed the food into the oven, you close it, latch it, and leave it to do it’s job. When the food is ready, simply open the door and remove the items.


Five Cooking Modes For Ultimate Control

This combination steam oven really gives the most amazing results and it’s all thanks to the intelligent cooking modes you can select to help you produce exactly the results you need in each different scenario.

The named modes are “Moist Heat”, “Dry Heat”, “Comb-Steam”, “Vario-Steam”, and “Finishing Mode”. They each function in different ways and suit different outcomes depending on your needs at any particular time.

The “Moist Heat” mode, as you can probably already guess, is used for conventional steam cooking. You can steam all kinds of foods with this method, which means anything from salapao to Christmas puddings.

In this cooking mode, the temperature is always 100° C, and the only thing that changes is the amount of steam in the oven interior. That’s where the smartness of the combi steam oven comes into play.

Sensors detect the humidity levels and either increase or decrease the steam output to make sure the food has enough steam to make it moist, but not so much that it becomes soggy.
Next we have the “Dry Heat” mode, which is just like traditional convection oven cooking. Dry air is forced through the oven by a powerful fan that ensures excellent air circulation. This method produces much better results than radiant heat cooking. This mode can provide temperatures ranging from 30° C to 300° C.

The “Combi-Steam” mode, which is what the oven is most famous for, uses a combination of steam and convection cooking to make it possible to steam foods at much higher than normal temperatures. Whereas conventional steaming is limited to 100° C, with Combi-Steam you can achieve temperatures between 100° C and 300° C.

Then there is the “Vario-Steam” mode. It’s used to keep cooked food warm, and offers a temperature range between 30° C and 99° C.

“Finishing Mode” is an amazingly useful mode that helps you round off the cooking result to ensure the final product is exactly the way you want it to be. It calculates how much steam or air to use for turning out food that is not too moist or too dry.


We’re Ready When You Are

For more information about the commercial combi steam oven, or any of the other commercial kitchen products stocked by Butler Equipment, simply reach out to us. We’ll be happy to give you all the assistance you need to make your decision. You can also check out our collection of commercial kitchen appliances online including Blast Chillers, Commercial dishwashers & glass washers.


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