Commercial Ovens for Sale

Looking through the list of commercial ovens for sale can be a bewildering experience. There are so many different models to choose from, and the price of a commercial kitchen oven is not on par with a normal household oven.
So while choosing the right restaurant oven for your business may be difficult, it is nonetheless important to make sure you get a professional oven that meets the distinct needs of your business.
Obviously not every industrial oven for sale is created equal. Probably the first thing you should think about, particularly in the case of a commercial bread oven, is the capacity.

A higher volume capacity can make it possible to create more product, which is definitely going to suit a typical bakery, but for a restaurant business the extra costs involved with running a larger oven would make it more difficult to justify.

Input Type
On the same theme of running cost, the input type is also an important consideration. A commercial gas oven will normally cost less to run than an equivalently sized commercial electric oven. Of course it can depend on the power source for the electric oven, but a typical restaurant will be using mains power, and electric ovens use a lot of it.
You may also be able to save money and get better results by using a commercial convection oven, which uses heated air to cook the food instead of relying on direct radiant heating. Convection cooking heats food more evenly than radiant heat, and many people consider that foods cooked this way are of higher quality.

The Perfect Size for your Oven
Also don’t neglect to consider the physical dimensions of the oven. This is important if your kitchen has limited space, and it’s also best if your stove burners are a bit higher than your bench tops (this is a safety issue, as burners set lower than the surrounding work area may create a fire hazard).
When planning the design of your kitchen, it can help to choose the oven first, and once you know the physical size of the oven, you can then plan how you’ll use the rest of the space to create an effective commercial kitchen.
All Kinds of Commercial Ovens From Butler Equipment
One of our biggest sellers is the GasMax JZH-RP-6 Commercial Cooking Range. It features a 6 burner stove and a massive 109.78 litre oven capacity. To help with installation, moving, and cleaning, the oven is fitted with castors on the bottom. But at 1050mm wide and 800mm depth, it is best suited to spacious kitchens.
A more compact solution can be found with the Waldorf RN8416G, occupying only 600mm of horizontal space when installed.
Whatever your requirements, Butler Equipment is a leading supplier of commercial kitchen equipment to the hospitality industry in Australia. We stock the very best brands of Australian-made and imported kitchen products so you know you’re getting the best when purchasing from us.
Contact us today for more info on any of our products.
Butler Equipment is Melbourne’s best suppliers of commercial cooking equipment. We specialise in meat mincer machines, commercial dishwashers, bain marie and stick blenders.

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