Commercial Dishwashers For Rent

Australian businesses use a wide variety of commercial glass and dishwashing machines each day. While they vary in terms of the price, brand and size, they all help businesses achieve greater efficiencies in their kitchens. This keeps businesses running smoothly and, ultimately, more customers.

Finding the right machine to invest in can be a difficult task. You have to be certain that you work with the best provider to get the best dish or glasswasher that fits your needs.


Clean dishes are a fundamental requirement when it comes to the catering industry. Maintaining high standards of not just the food but the dishes on which it is served is critical to your business success. If you are searching for a commercial glass or dishwasher for rent, Butler Equipment offers competitive rates on our range of superior quality dishwashers.

Choosing to rent your equipment rather than buy is the ideal solution for anyone who is just starting out in the hospitality industry, or working on a low budget. This can also prove a lifesaver if your existing equipment has broken down, or you need to replace it quickly.

As a new business, purchasing equipment may be a financial commitment that you consider risky if you are low on investment funds. This is also true if you’re uncertain of the returns on expensive purchases. Having access to high-quality dishwashers for hire will therefore help your business and your budget.

Our Range of Dishwashers

Sparkling clean plates and serving dishes and good food go hand-in-hand and this can never be compromised. We are highly aware of that and it is why we ensure our dishwashers come with the latest technology. Our aim is to save you time whilst ensuring that your customers are safe and happy with the quality of service that you offer.

We offer the following commercial dishwashers for hire from Norris:

  • AP2500 Fast Response Commercial Cold Water Dishwasher
  • AP750 Fast Response Commercial Cold Water Pass Through Dishwasher
  • AP500 Fast Response Commercial Cold Water Dishwasher
  • BT600, 700 and 2000 AWC Pass Through Commercial Dishwasher
  • IR120 & 200 Madison Commercial Dishwasher Rack Conveyor
  • IM1000 Madison Commercial Dishwasher Potwasher

The Norris and Madison brands are of the highest quality and we are certain that one of them will suit your requirements. We have a large stock and are able to deliver anywhere within Newcastle and Australia-wide.

Good Reasons to Rent

The food industry places high importance upon hygiene and cleanliness. A well performing commercial dishwasher is therefore a necessity and not a luxury.

There are a good number of reasons why you would wish to rent commercial dishwashers.

Some of these may be:

  • You do not have a lot of capital to purchase outright
  • A need to quickly replace a broken dishwasher and cash flow is not positive
  • You need additional dishwashing capacity on short notice
  • You’d be more comfortable renting as you consider buying. It’s a good way to learn all about a piece of equipment
  • You may be waiting for finances to build up.

While some of the benefits of renting are:

  • There are no upfront costs
  • You can free up capital to put to other uses
  • Save on repair or maintenance costs
  • Access to the latest in dishwasher technology
  • You have our service warranty to cover any breakdowns.
  • Use the experience as a test drive for the model of dishwasher you wish to purchase
  • You can easily upgrade to newer or bigger dishwashing machines
  • Our rental terms are flexible

Our online catalogue is available for you to browse our range. In addition to our high quality products, you will find our service friendly and prompt, delivering superb value for your money. For those of you in Newcastle and Central Coast, our proximity allows us to ship to you quickly.

Allow our technical experts to guide you on your what would be best for your establishment by getting in touch with us. We are located at 28 Strathmore Rd, Caves Beach NSW 2281. Alternatively you can browse our stock online or call us on 1800 225 215 if you require any further information on our rental terms.

Trusted Throughout Australia

Our range of excellent dishwashers come at excellent prices and even include the immensely popular Norris & Washtec dishwashers which have cemented themselves as an industry standard over the years.

We have worked with countless businesses and equipped them with the correct dishwasher that’s appropriate for their needs and size. We even stock dishwashers  which can be converted from left to right-hand entry in order to fit seamlessly within the space that is available in a kitchen. Recently, one of our favourite suppliers – Norris – developed a dishwasher that connects to cold water and saves a busy kitchen up to 50% in power to run the machine! So you can see our equipment to finding you quality equipment that also takes the pressure off the bottom line.

Decades in the Industry

Butler Equipment was founded in 1979 and in that time we have worked on countless exciting projects, generating trust and renown throughout Australia’s thriving hospitality industry. We have received many positive reviews over the years and we invite you to browse through them in order to get an idea of the excellent level of service you can expect to receive.

Throughout our time in the industry, we have also developed an important understanding of which machines offer the absolute best results for customers. This is why we stock the best brands and work with the most trusted suppliers.

Flexible Financing

Excellent kitchen equipment will be one of the smartest and earliest investments that a serious kitchen will make. Or, if an existing washer is damaged, it will need to be replaced as quickly as possible.

We understand that in both of these situations time is of the essence and you don’t want to be lumbered with the heavy prices that come with big-ticket items. That’s why we have developed our financing options over the years to give you access to the best commercial dishwasher on the terms that fit most closely with your capacities.

Our Kitchen Smart customer service representatives are delighted to give you any information that you might need about these flexible financing options, and they will also give you more information about the warranties that we offer on our products.

Shop On Our Website

You’ll find a comprehensive collection of the very best glass washers and dishwashers that are available to players in the hospitality industry. Each product is accompanied by a price, detailed description and any supplementary information you might need.

Once you spot the items that you are interested in, our team are available to answer any of the questions that you might have. Get started today by browsing our website and searching for the perfect washer for your kitchen.


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