Commercial Under The Bar Glass Washers

Butler Equipment has raised the bar on the supply of commercial equipment in Australia, and we’re really pleased that one of the many items we sell is the super-useful under bar glass washer. This simple under the bar glass washer makes it easy to keep your glassware in top condition while tending the bar. It’s quiet operation means it won’t unduly disturb your patrons, and the compact design means it won’t get in your way.


Norris Under The Bar Glass Washers

Since 1954, Norris has established a reputation for excellence, and is one of the most trusted and respected brands in Australia for commercial dishwashers and glass washers. The Glassmate series of products is ideal for any business that needs a discreet yet effective cleaning system for glassware and related items.

Norris dishwashers come with a two year warranty on the machine. An additional five year extended warranty is also available on all Norris brand machines.  The powerful 15 amp motor cleans dishes quickly and well. It is capable of handling 60 loads per hour, which can mean up to 800 glasses per hour. A distinctive feature is the double skinned door which helps keep the unit operating whisper quiet, and traps most of the heat inside so it doesn’t escape out into the room while the machine is operating. Norris Glassmate & CaféMaster products are made in Australia.

WashTec High Performance Glass Washers

WashTec AG is a German company that builds many different commercial and consumer grade appliances. The WashTec under counter high performance dishwasher works just as its name suggests. This system is designed to complete wash cycles in the fastest possible time, and can process up to 800 items per hour. Being a German built product, there is a heavy emphasis on environmental sustainability, and the WashTec system uses just 2.6 litres of water per cycle.

WashTec Premium Glass Washers

WashTec engineered their premium series to use even less water than the high performance series, and yet amazingly the premium under bar glass washers can actually process even more items per hour, hitting a max of around 1000 items. These machines are slightly bigger and more traditional looking. These are good choice if you need that fast high capacity operation. They come with a 12 month warranty for parts and labour.

Madison IM17 / IM5 / Bantam

When you truly need a small form factor, the Bantam dish and glass washer can process up to 500 items per hour while occupying a space of just 575 x 630 x 835 mm is only 10 amp power outlet. The Madison IM5 is almost identical, but has 5 mm more height and 15 mm less depth. The IM17 is a compact glasswasher that will give you maximum results.

Our Dishwashers & Glass Washers Collections

Check out our collection of commercial dishwashers & Glass washers online for more info. We also have an excellent collection of commercial kitchen appliances including Blast Chillers & Combi Steam Ovens.


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