Commercial Bain Marie

As one of the leading suppliers of commercial cooking equipment, we offer an excellent selection of products for the commercial kitchen, including the very versatile bain marie. Designed to keep sauces, gravies and pre-cooked food at serving temperature for several hours, there’s a commercial bain marie to suit all kinds of catering establishments.


They’re the ideal appliance to ensure that your carefully prepared foods retain all its texture, flavour and heat for extended periods, particularly when you need to cater for large numbers of people.

One of the great benefits of the electric bain marie is that it allows you to extend the shelf life of your meals, thus cutting down on food waste and enabling you to maximise your profits. They’re particularly suitable for restaurants who serve buffet style or self service meals, and who need their food to stay looking and tasting good at a temperature that meets health and safety regulations.

Bain Marie Display Cases

The bain marie display counter is perfect for self service and buffet foods. We stock both wet heat and dry heat bain marie display counters which can be purchased either with or without the pans. Featuring drop in countertop frames and available in a range of sizes, this kind of unit requires minimal upkeep and is suitable for round the clock operation.

Although we’re known as the place to find a cheap bain marie, it doesn’t mean that we ever compromise on quality. In addition to stocking standard bain maries, we also stock premium versions that incorporate the latest in modern catering technology into stylish and sophisticated units. This guarantees that you’ll get a bain marie food warmer that’s not only extremely reliable and hygienic¸ but that looks good too.

Food Warming Bain Marie Display Case

If you’re looking for a mobile bain marie, we offer several types of smaller units that are highly durable and easily portable. They’re the perfect solution for the outside caterer who has to set up their shop at different venues.

With their non-slip bases and easy to handle design, this type of bain marie food warmer is a godsend when it comes to keeping food warm, and can also be used for gentle cooking if necessary.

To find out more about our range of bain maries or discuss any aspect of your commercial catering needs, get in touch with one of our knowledgeable team. They know all there is to know about the benefits of using the bain marie to maximise the life of your pre-prepared dishes, and can give you advice on the best type of bain marie for your requirements. Other relevant equipment that might interest you: Benchtop Equipment and Display Cases

We have an excellent selection of top quality catering equipment, including a variety of bain maries at extremely competitive prices. So the next time you’re looking for a bain marie for sale, make sure that you speak to us first.

High Quality Bain Maries – Big and Small

One of the most useful pieces of catering equipment, the bain marie is used mainly for keeping cooked foods warmed to an appropriate temperature. Typically this is achieved by heating a small reservoir of water, in which bain marie trays holding cooked food are placed.In Australia, the word has a slightly different meaning to what it may have in some other countries, because it always refers to a particular style of portable bain marie, shaped as a serving counter.

An Australian bain marie may use dry heat, and bain maries for sale in Australia also may be used for keeping chilled foods cold. This makes the use of the term “bain marie” technically incorrect, but nobody actually should care too much about that. The point is that in Australia the word for a commercial bain marie refers to the shape and style of the case, and not to the method of heating or cooling.

Buying a bain marie for your food premises? Butler Equipment Have You Covered

Bain marie prices can vary widely between brands and suppliers, so if you are intending to buy bain marie products, it helps to do your homework a bit.This will help you understand why there is such a big variation in industrial bain marie prices, and spare you the frustrating ordeal of rushing to buy a cheap bain marie, and then suffering the inevitable disappointment when it fails to meet your requirements.The first very obvious thing to consider when evaluating a bain marie for sale is whether you’ll be using it for heating or cooling. Buying the wrong type here will definitely leave you with egg (or ice cream) on your face. For cooling, one of the most popular choices is the Roband bain marie, which is simple, inexpensive, and highly portable, despite the extra weight of the refrigeration unit.

Portable Bain Maries

A larger refrigerated bain marie suited to use in a large shop or buffet-style restaurant is the FED branded PG210FA-Y model, which is 1.25m high and 2.14m wide, providing more than enough room to show off your wares.The majority of bain marie products are intended for use with hot foods, so you have a wide range of choices available. If you’re just looking for a small bain marie for sale, Roband has one of the smallest and least expensive on the market, costing under AUD $1000, plus a few more expensive models that provide extra features.The FED models are similar in appearance to their refrigerated ones, but cost a lot less because they don’t require the refrigeration unit.

Keep foods ready and sell more products with a bain marie display counter

The bain marie is one of the most recognizable of all commercial catering equipment products, and is used in many different environments from retail takeaway, to buffet restaurants, to function catering.

It’s the best way to keep food at the correct serving temperature without the risk of overcooking the product. Of course in addition to the traditional commercial bain marie which keeps foods warm, it is also possible to get a refrigerated bain marie which helps keep foods chilled to the correct amount.

You also have a choice between a counter top bain marie and a free standing bain marie. The right one to choose depends on when, where, and how you’re going to use it. If you’re not sure how to decide, call Butler Equipment on 1800 009 774 and we’ll be glad to give you any assistance you need.

A bain marie shows you mean business

Today’s consumer is educated in the ways of the world, and that includes knowing that there are certain safe temperature ranges foods are supposed to be served at. When you use a proper commercial bain marie (and use it properly), you’re showing to customers that you care about the same things they do.

There are such a great number of ways to make errors in food service, and it just doesn’t make sense to make the mistake of serving food at the wrong temperature when it is so easily avoided just by correctly using a bain marie.

In addition to its role of regulating food temperature, a bain marie can also help you display your foods, which can in turn lead to increased sales. Customers do like to see the food they are buying before they order it, and actually seeing the food can also make it more tempting.

How bain maries work

Different types of food are suited to different types of bain maries, and it is important not to use the wrong type of bain marie for the food you are presenting.

The most common type of bain marie, and the original one, uses moist heat to help prevent foods from drying out, while also keeping them warm. With these, water is placed in a basin and heated. The steam is gradually released around the food. This type is mainly used with “wet” foods, such as curries, pasta dishes, stews, etc., and foods with a high moisture content such as fish.

Another type of bain marie uses dry radiant heat to keep food warm, and this is more suited to food that does not benefit from moisture. For example, many baked or fried foods like french fries, pies, and similar foods would probably get soggy if exposed to moist heat and this could cause them to lose their structure and also become unappetising.

The third common type of bain marie has a refrigeration unit attached, which helps to keep cold food chilled correctly. This type can be the most tricky to get right. Your needs are very different if you are serving salad compared to if you are serving ice cream. Some of these cooling types would be suited to both foods, but not all of them are so versatile.

Butler Equipment is here to help

Choosing a bain marie for your business is a big deal. Making sure you get what you need is important, and Butler Equipment has a wide range to choose from.

If you’re really unsure about which bain marie is the type you need, we’ll help you decide. If your business can’t afford the cash flow impact of buying a new bain marie, we can help there too. We have flexible finance options available, and other ways to help make it easier for you to get the products you need. That’s because we’re here to help.
So call Butler Equipment today and find out more about what we can do for you. We think you will be surprised.

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