Commercial Blast Chillers & Freezers

When you need to cool down hot foods quickly, nothing does a better job than a blast chiller, and the commercial blast freezers you can buy from Butler Equipment are excellent in every way. You will find a commercial blast chiller in every successful kitchen. Blast chillers are amazingly helpful in a variety of scenarios. The most usual application is either to rapidly cool hot foods to the correct serving temperature, or to enhance food safety on foods that are not intended for immediate consumption by cooling food so fast that bacteria does not have sufficient time to multiply and spoil the food.


Butler Equipment currently stocks at least 12 different models of commercial blast freezers and chillers. Because we have such a huge variety & a great collection of commercial refrigeration, you should be able to find exactly the right chiller or freezer to meet the needs of your kitchen. We also stock all types of commercial kitchen appliances including cooking ranges as well.

The GS-40C Heavy Duty Blast Freezer

This may well be the most awesome blast freezer in Australia, and believe us; “awesome” is not a term we use lightly. What makes this freezer just so amazingly good is the huge capacity, powerful cooling motors, and clever sensing technology that prevents ice crystal formation. Of course such awesomeness does not come cheaply, and it’s definitely the most expensive blast freezer you will find on our floor, yet the quality is so good that it remains one of our best selling models.

It measures 1850 mm x 1650 mm x 2200mm, with a heavy-duty triple hinged door, and digital controller with temperature display.

Olis Blast Chiller Shock Freezer

Prepare to be shocked by the amazing performance of the Olis Blast Chiller Shock Freezer. It is a beast of a machine that can cool foods from 90° C to -18° C within 240 minutes. It also has a basic chilling function that can cool from 90° C to -3° C in just 90 minutes. Of course you won’t always want the maximum amount of chilling, which is why the Olis Blast Chiller Shock Freezer has 100 programmable levels so you can set it for very precise results.

This machine also uses eco-friendly refrigerant, and is environmentally safe with polyurethane foam insulation that is free from CFC and HCFC. The interior and exterior is made from ANSI-304 18/10 stainless steel. We’ve got three different models to choose from. They are perfect for kitchens that don’t need a high capacity blast chiller/freezer, but still want excellent performance.

Anvil BCE9130 Blast Chiller

This is the biggest and most expensive of our Anvil blast chillers. It requires only modest floor space, but has impressive height to allow for generous internal storage capacity. The exact dimensions are 780 mm x 800 mm x 1840 mm. This one is very straightforward and uncomplicated. It’s perfect for a busy kitchen that handles a high volume of product with fast turnover.

Anvil BCE9020 Blast Chiller

A little lower in capacity than its bigger brother, but comes at a nicely economical price. This blast chiller works similarly to the BCE9130 but has a more conveniently located control panel.

Anvil BCE5010 Blast Chiller

If you don’t really need high volume, the BCE5010 is a decent mid-sized option that costs almost half the price of the BCE9130 that the design is based upon.

Anvil BCE3005 Blast Chiller

This tiny unit is what you choose when you’re just running a small kitchen and you’re on a tight budget. It is very compact, measuring 640 mm x 700 mm x 530 mm.

FED Blast Chillers

The FED range has four different models on offer, with the main difference being the size of each one. The main features include self-closing doors, powerful cooling, and ice crystal prevention technology.


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