2-311-05000 Zexa Ultra Child Care Machine Wash 5L CTN 3

$165.39 Excluding GST

Ultra Child Care Machine Wash meets the quality standards demanded in the child care industry. It contains no harsh caustics or chlorine, which dramatically reduces the health risk and potential to damage crockery or utensils.

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Zexa Ultra Child Care Machine Wash is non dangerous and non hazardous.

Formulated especially to meet the exacting requirements demanded in the child care and health care industries, it effectively cleans and sanitises and is a safe and reliable for the end user and the environment.

This product contains no harsh caustics or chlorine. This minimises potential damage to crockery and utensils and reduces significant health risks posed by incorrect use.

Delivers the safety requirements of the Quality Area 2 under the National Quality Standard.

This provides peace of mind to Child Care providers.  Minimising harm and the possibility of an emergency in relation to dangerous goods on site is a key focus of Q2.

Better for the environment – and your operating costs. Double win!


* It effectively removes material quickly and leaves surfaces clean and streak free.
* Water softeners neutralise and remove scale build up, leaving a cleaner machine and a cleaner finish.
* Built in sanitisers ensure wash items are free from contamination and germs.
* As a non-dangerous good, it is safe in transport, for users and the environment. Now that’s peace of mind!
* The concentrated formula means low dosage, which means excellent economy.

Dispense 1-4mL per litre of water through automatic dispenser. Concentration required varies depending on machine type and load.

Available sizes:
15L – 2-311-15000
5L – 2-311-05000

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Weight 15 kg