Blast Chiller Shock Freezer – D05 5 Gastronorm

Or the larger 600 x 400 Euronorm pans (40 mm deep) 660mmW x 420D x 400H

Ambient operating temperature 38퉌_C Chill 18kg from +70퉌_C to +3퉌_C in 90 mins.

Deep Freeze 15kg from +70퉌_C to -18퉌_C in 240 mins.

Built to HACCP specification

Special blast process prevents ice crystalisation from forming, ensuring quicker temperature reduction

Digital controller with probe and temperature display

European condenser and evaporating fans

Auto defrost Automatic condensation evaporation

All Stainless Steel construction

Internal corners are rounded for hygiene & easy cleaning

Self closing doors

Dimensions: 750mmW x 740mmD x 880mmH

12 Month Warranty