Rational CMP201 Combi Oven

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Rational CombiMaster Plus Combi Oven 20 x 1/1 GN / 40 x 1/2 GN

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Rational Combi Master Combi Oven 5 cooking modes
Manual cleaning program
Automatic self clean for steam generator
Hand shower with automatic retracting system

Supplied with:
plumbing connection and filter kit
Cleaning starter pack
Ladder rack for table top models
Mobile oven rack for floor models 20 x 1/1 GN / 40 x 1/2 GN

847mmW x 771mmD x 1782mmH 
415V 40kw
Also available in gas


Rational Combi Steam Oven Overview

For the chef who demands nothing but the ultimate in precision, it’s hard to go wrong with the CMP201 Rational Combi Steam Oven. This oven can work as a steamer and also as a regular convection oven, giving you the best advantages of both cooking styles, and you can even set it to start with one style and then switch to the other automatically.


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Rational Combi Steam Oven Features

The Rational combi oven is a very sturdy unit, built from thick stainless steel, and equipped with large castors to make it easy to move for cleaning or other reasons. The front of the unit has a large glass panel for easy viewing of the inner contents, and there are multiple levels of adjustable shelf space. Many different shelf and rack styles can be used.

The interior is made of smooth stainless steel, which is easy to wipe clean. The built in steamer function will also help to loosen any drippings that have baked onto the surface, making the Rational combi oven extremely easy to maintain.


Easy to Use Steam Oven

Operation of the oven is also simple. The door mechanism is controlled by a basic lever, which also functions as a handle for opening the door. You would then place your food items at the positions you want them placed, and then would close the door again, being sure to check that the handle is rotated to the locked position.

Then it is simply a matter of choosing the mode of cooking (steam, convection, combi, or “vario-steam”), the desired temperature, and finally to set the timer.


Four Control Modes

Moist Heat mode (steam) operates by heating water to 100° C, producing steam which is then circulated by a high speed fan. Clever sensors prevent oversaturation of the food by steam, controlling with great precision the exact amount of steam that enters the cabinet. Dry Heat mode (convection) circulates hot air at temperatures between 30° C and 300° C, and the air is also distributed by the fan.

Combi-Steam mode, as you will have guessed, switches between moist and dry heat to provide a humid environment with much higher heat than steam alone can provide. Vario-Steam mode is mainly used for keeping steamed food warm after it has already been cooked. This mode uses sensors to automatically adjust the steam levels to provide a precise temperature between 30° C and 99° C.

Finishing mode is a special mode that gives whatever you have good that extra finishing touch. If you’ve been using steam for cooking, it can add some dry heat to prevent condensation and puddles. If you’ve been cooking by convection, it can pump in a little steam to help prevent the food from becoming too dry. In this mode, the temperature can be set in the range from 30° C to 300° C.


12 Month Warranty On All Rational Combi Steam Ovens

All of the Rational Combi ovens sold by Butler Equipment come with a full 12 month warranty for your total peace of mind.

Available In Electric And Gas Variants

You can choose the energy source you prefer. Butler equipment stocks both types of Rational Combi ovens. We also have an excellent collection of combination steam ovens as well as commercial dishwashers & glass washers.

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