Robot Coupe RobotCook 3.7L

Robot Coupe RobotCook 3.7L


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Cooking, Cutter, Mixer with 3.7 litre Bowl

5 in stock

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Robot Coupe’s Robot Cook : The Kitchen Assistant for Chefs

A meticulous assistant

Easy to use with its variable speed function of 100 to 3,500 rpm.

Refined dishes prepared in no time with its Turbo/Pulse rotary speed reaching 4,500 rpm.

A mix of delicate products prepared without cutting due to the inverse rotation of the blade: the R-Mix® function

Keeps the food preparation hot thanks to the intermittent function.

An autonomous assistant -Using the programming function, entrust your secret preparations to Robot Cook® and effortlessly reproduce your favourite recipes.

A dependable assistant -The powerful Robot Cook® relies on a very robust industrial induction motor.

A silent assistant -In the hive of kitchen activity, the chefs will appreciate its silence.

Warranty: 2 years warranty on parts and labour

Weight: 15kg

Dimensions:W 226mm D 338mm H 522mm

Volume: 3.7L

Power: 1800W motor

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Weight20 kg


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