Zexa K.N Low Slip Floor Cleaner (1.5kg)

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Zexa K.N is a powdered low slip floor cleaner that is highly concentrated, designed to cut through grease and grime to keep floors sparkling clean!

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Perfect for use on floors in commercial & industrial kitchens, aged care, bars & clubs!

K.N (LSFC) is a pH neutral, biodegradable powdered detergent that can be used on pretty much anything.


  • Floor Cleaning
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Pre Paint preparation
  • Painted surface cleaning
  • Concrete cleaning
  • Cool room cleaning
  • Cup soak

K.N was originally designed and approved for use in KFC as a floor cleaner.

This product is highly effective at removing soils from hard to clean non slip surfaces. K.N will keep drains and waste pits free of blockage as well as remove the food source for cockroaches and rodents on floors. K.N was designed to not build up over time.

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Weight 1.5 kg


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