Who we are

Butler Equipment has been retailing, servicing and installing commercial cooking equipment to hospitality sites across Australia for over 40 years.

During that time, we have developed a philosophy around prioritising ‘best fit’ and then working to achieve ‘best price’.

This flies in the face of industry norms, where price is the focus. We have met and commiserated with literally hundreds of business operators who have been the recipient of equipment at great prices – only to find it unsuitable, unreliable and in some cases simply unworkable.

Our “Kitchen Smart” approach

It’s all about insights – on cost, performance, quality credentials and affordability.

Our team is in the unique position of not being pressured to push certain pieces of equipment because of a higher commission, leaving us free to research the RIGHT item and then negotiate directly with the supplier on price.

Headed by a chef with decades of expertise and experience in kitchen operations and food & equipment merchandising, you can rest assured you’re dealing with a team that knows how and where to find the right equipment for YOUR kitchen.

We’ve built insight on the right price, having spent the past 40 years bargaining with suppliers to build the Butler Equipment range. And what we don’t have, we can find.

And then there’s insight on how to align your menu with suitably priced, quality equipment so you don’t have to choose between price and function: YOU GET BOTH!

Our purpose: Peace of mind

There are financial implications when you purchase new equipment: buy outright (impacting cash flow) or lease/hire (frees up cash flow but can be horribly expensive over the long term).

We have developed an in-house rental option that ensures your dollars aren’t tied up in repairs or capital expenditure and can actually save you money over the term. Our “Fixed Price Package” rolls the cost of a commercial dishwashing machine, appropriate chemicals, preventative maintenance and service into one low, weekly repayment.

What’s in it for you? Access to great equipment, streamlined cash flow and peace of mind on repairs and maintenance: we handle it all.

Leaving you free to focus on cooking up a storm and wowing your customers!