For many years the sandwich has always been one of the most popular and basic menu items in any establishment. The Roband Sandwich Press is a versatile product that offers the possibility of taking a simple toasted sandwich in its basic form to a new gourmet level with the simple addition of various food items.

Sandwich toasters originally created just to grill bread, are now being used in a variety of ways to create different toasted dishes such as Burritos and the world famous Panini, whose fame has inspired the creation of several variations of the grilled toast sandwich, such as the American Grilled Cheese sandwich.


Time-Saving Convenience

Sandwiches are considered a basic food menu item that will always be in demand for quick lunches and snacks. A sandwich is a time-saving convenience for people who want to eat but have little time. They are quick to put together and today can go from the very simple to extravagant gourmet.

This makes them an ideal meal or snack for those in a rush, and their variety ensures that they remain a popular menu item. From student to business executive, the sandwich has become a much-demanded life staple.

Having a sandwich press is an essential addition for your eating establishment, whatever category it may be. We are certain that the addition of this piece of equipment will create quick and appetising varieties of toasted sandwich for your customers to enjoy and love, which will bring them back again and again.

From Simple Toast to Gourmet Panini

Our featured Roband Sandwich Press can be used to make your simple regular grilled toast or can become a source of inspiration to create unlimited versions of this popular lunch and snack item.

Made of top and bottom die-cast non-stick coated aluminium plates, it is easy to use to create a simple toasted sandwich, and can be turned into a delicious gourmet panini with the addition of extras such as cheese, meat or vegetables.

Attractive Features

Besides all the different varieties of sandwiches and other food items that this handy little piece of equipment can produce, it carries a number of useful features. For example, it:

  • Will toast six or eight sandwiches at a go
  • Requires very little counter space
  • Affords clear visibility with the angled control panel
  • Easy operation with one-handed loading or unloading
  • Possibility to switch from bottom to top operation
  • Splash guard to control grease spillage
  • Even temperature distribution
  • Thermostat for precise temperature control.

Browse our catalogue to see the full range of features and the exact specifications.

Buying a Trusted Brand

Butler Equipment has been sourcing and supplying catering equipment to hospitality establishments for the past 39 years. We have built a reputation for carrying the best locally manufactured and imported brands that you can trust and rely on to create a practical and functional commercial kitchen.

With the Roband Sandwich Press, you will be providing one of the most popular and sought-after food items, adding value to your establishment. When you purchase or rent a product from us, you buy into our brand, which gives you the assurance of a quality item and the best in customer service.

Why don’t you give us a call, or visit our showroom to find out how we can serve you? For our customers in Newcastle, we are conveniently located at 28 Strathmore Rd, Caves Beach NSW 2281.

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