Commercial Freezers

As a restaurant owner you have a commitment to not only serve the highest-quality products to your customers, but to also keep them safe by respecting health and safety regulations around the preparation and storage of food.

Each time any of us makes a purchase at a restaurant, café, or any other food establishment we are trusting the owners to serve us food that is safe from contamination or any other poor status.

Appropriate storage of ingredients and products within fridges and freezers is an important part of this process and you need to make sure you have invested in appliances which are reliable and safe. Freezers are particularly important and a faulty freezer can lead to a world of problems for your business.

Choosing which freezer to go with is a big decision to make but working with Butler Equipment makes it an easier one.


The Best Products On the Market

Our business has been leading the pack in Australia since 1979 and in those years we have developed a keen understanding of which commercial freezers represent the best in terms of both quality and price. This means that when you browse through our products you can rest assured that you’re only seeing the very best and won’t make a wrong decision.

The brands that we work with are also the best, given that they represent the most attractive blend of price and quality.

A Blend of New, Used and Rental

The best brands come in at the highest prices, but we understand that businesses move at different paces. This is why we offer new, used and rental equipment to our customers so that you can find the best solution that works for you right now.

This flexibility means that you can get started with the best equipment and never make sacrifices which mean you jeopardise the quality or safety of the products that you serve.

We also offer financing on our products and you can speak with our representatives to find out more about those schemes.

40 Years of Experience

Given that we have been serving Australia’s hospitality industry for so long we have developed profound relationships throughout it with both suppliers and our customers alike. This puts us in a unique position and means that we understand the hospitality industry from your perspective and understand your needs.

We take those needs into consideration with each interaction with our suppliers and it has shaped our offering over the years: when we work and make decisions, we do it with you in mind.

Browse for Your Commercial Freezer Today

If you would like to browse for your commercial freezer today, be sure to visit our website to explore our extensive inventory and explore our items in more detail. You’ll find that each item is accompanied by a lot of information to help you make the very best decision.If you have any doubts or concerns, then you should be sure to contact us and our helpful team will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer to your questions.


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