High Quality Food Processors

A commercial grade food processor is quite different from the household appliance, despite having very similar looks. Commercial food processors are heavy-duty machines, normally larger than what you’d find at home, and far heavier. This is because they’re built from quality materials to make sure they are reliable and durable.

Considering the high initial purchase price for a good large commercial food processor, you may find yourself tempted to look for a used commercial food processor, but there are some good reasons why you shouldn’t do that.

Commercial Food Processors

Food processors are one of the most heavily used appliances in a professional kitchen, so you can be quite close to certain that the number of hours already clocked on that commercial food processor motor are going to be excessive. Even though they’re built for heavy duty, no motor will run forever without problems. You should always look for a new commercial food processor for sale, because the risk of problems from used equipment is not worth it.

Butler Equipment, Offering the Best in Food Processors

The best commercial food processor Australia has ever seen is available from Butler Equipment, a leading supplier to the hospitality industry since 1979. This is the Robot Coupe Blixer 10, and you’ll know it stands alone as the best commercial food processor when you see the price tag. It can make short work of up to 10 litres of ingredients in almost no time at all.

Of course, the average restaurant doesn’t want to spend upwards of $8,000 on a food processor, but you certainly could not go wrong with it. But this is not a food processor commercial for the Blixer 10, and there are plenty of more affordable appliances on the market, including a vast range also made under the Robot Coupe brand.

The R201XL, for example, costs just a touch over $1200, and is a quality piece of engineering. Sure it only has a 2.9 litre bowl instead of 10 litres, but it is perfectly capable of providing excellent food processing power, even if not quite as impressive and efficient as the Blixer 10.

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When the primary purpose for the processor is chopping vegetables for pizza, it’s hard to look past the CL50 ULTRA, with its easy to feed hopper and extra large exit chute. It’s a totally professional piece of equipment that you would be proud to have in your kitchen, and it’s available at a price that won’t break the bank.

Before settling on a decision, look beyond just the price tag and check for the features that really matter to you.  If you need guidance, the best thing to do is call Butler Equipment on 1800 225 215 during normal Australian business hours.

With nearly four decades of experience in providing quality commercial kitchen products to restaurants and caterers throughout Australia, we are sure to be able to provide the answers you are looking for.

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