Commercial Salamander Cooking Equipment
Salamander cooking equipment is an important addition to most commercial kitchens. If you’ve never heard of a salamander cooker before, it’s not quite what it sounds like it might be.
In the US and Canada, a salamander kitchen appliance is simply known as a broiler. Broiling is a type of grilling where heat is applied from above, which is what differentiates it from ordinary grilling, where the heat is applied from below.

Kitchen Salamanders in Australia
The science of the salamander grill is that by applying heat from the top, it removes less juices and fats than regular grilling, but more than would be the case with roasting or baking.
A salamander oven is basically the same appliance, but with a door, so you can switch between roasting and broiling at different stages of cooking, to add that little extra finesse to the result.
The more commonly encountered kitchen salamander appliance tends to be the grill version, because many chefs who use a salamander for cooking feel comfortable with pairing a salamander grill with a regular oven, rather than paying extra for a door on the salamander appliance itself.

High Quality Electric & Gas Salamander Grills
You can choose between an electric salamander or gas salamander, and gas is recommend for most commercial kitchens because it’s more economical and can reach higher temperatures more quickly. Electric salamanders are a good choice when you need a very consistent and precise cooking temperature.
The main reason to consider buying one is because it gives you more options in the way you cook the food, and customers really appreciate the unique signature of broiling.
High temperatures are important in both grilling and broiling, as if you use a lower temperature, the internal moisture content will be wrong, and you won’t get that appealing char-grilled look on the outside.

What to Look Out For in a Salamander Cooker
A salamander grill needs to be capable of reaching higher temperatures than a regular grill, because when heat is applied from above, some of the energy is lost due to diffusion and air displacement.
Butler Equipment currently supplies five different models of salamander grills. The reason the list is such as short one is because we are committed to supplying only the very best products in each category. Thus you can buy with confidence, because our selection criteria is so strict.
Our least expensive model is the Cobra CS9, which is 90cm wide and features two high performance burners. This model can be wall-mounted (bracket included), and has a removable bottom tray for easy cleaning.
Commercial salamander for your quality kitchen
Salamander cooking equipment is some of the best investments you can possibly make for your commercial kitchen.  This popular cooking tool is commonly referred to as a broiler in the US and Canada.
It is somewhat different from an ordinary grill in that the heat is applied from above and not from below as in the case of a normal grill. By applying the heat from above, fewer fats and juices are removed from food products than through regular grilling.  This method does, however, remove more fats and juices than roasting or baking methods.
Salamander grills and Salamander ovens are basically the same; the ovens simply consist of a door which enables you to roast or broil your foods for a slightly different result. Many chefs prefer to use the Salamander grill along with a conventional oven, while others prefer to cook purely with Salamander options.
Shop gas and electric salamander cookers online
You can choose from two different types of salamander grills; the electric and gas grill.  Both are excellent choices, but they do vary slightly in the following ways.
Gas salamander – These salamanders are the most popular picks in commercial kitchens because they are considered much more economical.  These cookers also reach high temperatures much quicker which speeds up cooking dramatically.
Electric salamander – These are a great choice for fine cooking.  Electric salamanders offer more consistent and precise cooking temperatures but can take a while to reach the desired temperature.
Both of these salamander types are excellent choices for your business and are designed with elegance and class in mind.
At Butler Equipment we keep the four best and most beautiful cookers in stock because we believe that these represent the best possible picks in terms of price, quality, durability, functionality, and beauty. Businesses can shop any of these commercial Salamander grills from our site;

Goldstein Gas Salamander
Cobra Gas Commercial
REB-03 Heavy Duty Gas
Waldore SN8100E

Good reasons to choose the Salamander
Salamander is known for its excellent cooker or broiler and most restaurants, food industries, cafés and diners prefer this brand for the following top reasons;

An established brand that is popular all over Australia
High availability of spare parts which makes repairs easy and affordable
Cookers are known for their incredible durability
Businesses can prepare a wide range of foods on these cookers with ease
Salamander grills create foods that excel in quality and taste
These grills are incredibly easy to use and don’t take too much juice and flavour from food products during the cooking process.
The grills feature an elegant design that suits most commercial businesses and kitchens
Portable design makes it easy to fit into any type or shape of kitchen
A wide range of temperature settings is preferable for chefs who need to be able to prepare a wide range of food types in as little time as possible
Chefs have much more control over the quality and taste of their foods when they use this stable and reliable grill
Grills can be combined with an ordinary oven in order to create a much wider selection of food types or to create foods with a very specific flavour and taste.

If you are interested in our Salamander grills, you can buy directly from our website.  We deliver to your doorstep.  We also welcome businesses to give Butler Equipment a call on 1800 225 215 to learn more about this superb commercial product.
Questions About Commercial Salamanders? Contact Us Today
The deluxe model on our list of gas salamanders is the Goldstein SA-36FF.  This one has a stainless steel exterior and a cast iron internal grid for outstanding results.
For a top quality electric salamander, you can’t go wrong with the Waldorf SN8100E, with its twin independently controlled 1.8kW elements, and excellent adjustable grill height so you can achieve the ultimate in precision cooking.
Butler Equipment also supplies asian cooking equipment, commercial food display cases, International Catering Equipment and industrial kitchen supplies.

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