F.E.D. Kitchen Equipment

Setting up a commercial kitchen entails purchasing or renting an extensive range of high quality equipment. Our range of Federal Hospitality Equipment (FED) quality equipment will bring optimum efficiency and performance to your catering through its superior products.

The FED kitchen range of products are produced by an Australian and New Zealand company that specialises in the supply of exclusive and highly professional food equipment. Our firm partnership with this esteemed manufacturer gives you the benefit of their vast experience in the field.

Their imported range is exclusive and professional, offering clients the best in kitchen equipment, commercial refrigeration, commercial food equipment, catering, pizza oven, furniture, cookware and tableware. Their equipment is also available for rental.


Our full range of FED products includes:

  • FED Stainless Steel Stand
  • FED Drawer
  • FED Hot Water Urn
  • FED Caferrina Coffee Makers
  • FED Commercial Three Door Drink Cooler
  • FED Single Contact Grill Fed
  • FED Large Double Contact Grill Fed
  • FED Coffee Heating Plate
  • FED Blast Chiller and Shock Freezer
  • FED Bar Under Counter Fridge
  • FED Bar Under Counter Commercial Freezer
  • FED Commercial Refrigeration Single Door Cooler
  • FED Commercial Refrigeration Two Door Drink Cooler
  • FED Commercial Refrigeration Double Sliding Door Drink Cooler
  • FED Commercial Refrigeration Three Door Drink Cooler
  • FED Stainless Steel Two Shelf Trolley
  • FED Double Tier Workbench Over Shelf
  • FED Single Slice Conveyor Toaster
  • FED Single Rack Blast Freezer
  • FED Three Shelf Trolley
  • FED Automatic Commercial Meat Slicer
  • FED Stainless Steel 3 Shelf Trolley
  • FED Single 12 Litre Paddle Action Cold Drink Dispenser
  • FED Automatic Commercial Meat Slicer
  • FED Commercial Meat Slicer
  • FED Refrigeration Four Door Drink Cooler.

Many of our items carry well thought out features such as the Double Contact Grill with its high quality non-stick plates. Or the blast process that keeps ice crystals from forming, thus enabling faster freezing on the featured Blast Chiller Shock Freezer.

These are just some of the things that set our products apart and the reason why we stock them. We seek to ensure that your product gives you the best combination of service and features.

Partnership to Add Value to Your Brand

Anyone who sets up a business has their potential customer in mind and how to best deliver quality service or products to them. However, the catering and hospitality industry is unlike most other businesses, in that the value of a large percentage of the goods we supply directly projects an image that is passed on to the caterer’s client.

At Butler Equipment, we have successfully partnered with FED to ensure that we deliver the best quality catering equipment available. We especially enjoy the fact that we have such an extensive range of FED goods, covering a vast majority of our clients’ requirements.

We carefully select the items we stock to ensure that your business is reflecting a positive image for you. FED equipment is backed by their solid reputation of serving the commercial food industry for 48 years, and carries a wide variety of products to bring to you unsurpassed quality and value.

Our experts are always available to advise you on the best options for your requirements and coupled with FED’s all in one shop solution, finding what you need will not be a challenge.

For our customers in Newcastle, we are conveniently located at 28 Strathmore Rd, Caves Beach NSW 2281 and would love to welcome you to our showroom to show you a selection of FED products. Alternatively, you can browse the full range online.


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