Inomak Australia

Are you in need of a good quality and beautiful commercial fridge or freezer for your business?  We have the right solution for you.  Butler Equipment is a leading supplier of quality commercial kitchen equipment across Australia and our Inomak Australia fridge and freezer products are not to be missed.

Inomak was established in 1975 and delivers their products across the globe to more than 34 countries.  The Inomak fridge and freezer brand is reputed for their ability to deliver quality products that are functional, stylish and incredibly durable.


A wide range of Inomak freezers and fridges to choose from

Butler Equipment has a lot of experience in the commercial cooking and hospitality industry and our extensive experience enable us to identify top quality products and brands that we distribute to businesses across Australia.  We offer a wide range of fine quality Inomak fridges and freezers that businesses can shop online and we can get these commercial products delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Australia.

Here is a quick breakdown of the Inomak commercial fridges and freezers available at our online store right now;

Inomak Commercial freezers – These freezers are perfect for your commercial kitchen and is available in different sizes that range from one to two doors.

Inomak Commercial glass door freezers – We stock on a wide selection of Inomak glass door freezers that is perfectly suitable for any store or commercial kitchen.  Customers or chefs can easily access products that are displayed beautifully thanks to the large glass doors.

Inomak Commercial fridges – Keep all of your produce fresh with Inomak’s commercial fridges that are available in single and double door sizes.

Inomak Commercial glass door fridges – Glass door fridges are perfect for storing produce, beverages, and other food products that need to be kept chilled. We offer single and double door Inomak fridges that are perfect for commercial kitchen or shop front use.

Inomak Commercial under bench fridges – Inomak’s under bench fridges are superb space saving investments that can be very functional in your commercial kitchen.  You are bound to find the perfect fit for your kitchen because at Butler Equipment we stock up on various under bench fridges to choose from.

Good reasons to invest in Inomak commercial products

Wondering if Inomak’s fridges and freezers are the right picks for your business?  Inomak is one of the best brands in which to invest for several great reasons like the following;

  • Products are made from quality stainless steel interior and exterior that is sure to stand the test of time
  • Fridges and freezers are fashioned with rounded corners and smooth surfaces that are incredibly easy to keep clean and hygienic.
  • The freestanding design of these products makes it easy to move it wherever you need it or move it for proper underneath and behind these fridges and freezers.
  • Inomak has a wide range of products to choose from which makes it a lot easier to fully utilize your commercial kitchen irrespective of available space or layout.
  • Products are known for their supreme quality and are popular across the globe and especially here in Australia.
  • Repairs and maintenance on these fridges and freezers are pretty easy to do since spare parts are common, and plenty of fridge and freezer experts are up for the task.

Contact Butler Equipment right now on 1800 225 215 to find out more about Inomak commercial products or to make special arrangements to get your new fridge or freezer delivered to your business anywhere in Australia.

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