Commercial Electric Plate Warmers

A warm plate makes an incredible difference to the quality of a meal, helping to prevent food cooling too quickly and also conveying an impression to the customer that the food has arrived fresh from the kitchen without delay.

A commercial plate warmer is a sensible investment for a restaurant business that cares about creating a good impression and providing the best quality dining experience.

Industrial plate warmers come in many different sizes and styles.  The simplest type of food plate warmer is basically just a stainless steel cabinet that you load in the usual way you would load any other cabinet.

A Well Run Kitchen

A well-run kitchen is one that is designed to comfortably accommodate your staff and is well equipped to conveniently hold all your catering equipment, while allowing for the fast-paced movement that commercial kitchens are associated with.

Your staff, catering equipment, fixtures and fittings, the decor plus the quality of food, all come together to not only ensure a pleasant dining experience for your diners, but to build your reputation as a quality brand.

Your kitchen should be well designed and equipped to enable food preparation to be carried out under optimum hygienic and safety conditions. As such, equipment such as the humble plate warmer may seem like a simple piece of kitchen equipment, but it’s an indispensable item in any modern and well functioning commercial kitchen.

Acquiring a Plate Warmer for Your Business

Buying kitchen equipment is a fundamental activity you will be involved at the start of your business, and intermittently throughout the operation of your establishment. The equipment you choose has a direct and tangible impact on the quality of service that you will be providing, or are already providing.

Simple touches such as using a plate warmer elevates the standard of service you offer and projects an image of both professionalism and care to your customers.

At Butler’s Equipment, we stock high quality local brands and we also import leading brand names that come with a guarantee of quality. We cannot afford to be lax, as we know that your business depends on your reputation.

What are Commercial Food Warmers?

One of the marks of a quality establishment is the ability to serve food at just the right temperature no matter what the weather is like. The plates are maintained at a temperature that is comfortable enough for the cooks and waiters to handle, with no injuries to themselves. Our plate warmers are able to hold several plates at the same time, ensuring a steady supply or warm plates for your service.

A plate warmer ensures that food leaving the kitchen doesn’t go cold in transit, which allows the customer a chance to enjoy eating while it is still pleasantly warm. Ensuring food arrives at a diner’s table warm also alludes to a well-run kitchen, inspiring confidence with your customers.

Butler Equipment Plate Warmers

Choosing high quality equipment is a necessary part of building your brand. As catering equipment tends to undergo a lot of wear and tear due to its frequent use, one of the best decisions you can make is to purchase the best quality equipment that will last a long time, saving you the cost of constant replacement.

Our quality PW-D/ Double Plate Warmer is made of stainless steel and holds up to 120 plates at a temperature of up to 80° Celsius, and is designed to fit compactly into your kitchen, to take up very little space. With our plate warmers, you are sure to create a good impression, while making a sensible investment.

Buying our high quality plate warmer ensures you will be serving food at the optimum temperature to delight your diners for a long time to come. Get in touch with us to order yours today. We offer fast delivery to your doorstep wherever you happen to be in Australia.

High Quality Plate Warmers

A more complicated plate warmer looks like a tube and feeds plates up in a stack, similar to the way the magazine feeds bullets into the chamber of an automatic pistol or rifle. This style of hot plate warmer can be installed into a bench for permanent installation.

Still another configuration of electric plate warmer is a mobile trolley with the tube style plate warmers installed inside it.

Perhaps the newest style of plate warmer invented so far is the plate warmer electric blanket style. It is long and soft, and you’re supposed to lay it out on the table, place a plate upon it, and the fold the blanket over. You would then place another plate on the stack and keep building up layer by layer until the stack was complete.

So by now you’re probably wondering how you should decide between all these different styles of plate warmers.  To find the right style of hot plate warmer, you need to think about where it’s going to be used and by whom.

Buying a Plate Warmer: What you need to Consider

Within a restaurant, either the cabinet type or the tube type is perfectly acceptable. Cabinets will normally have a higher capacity, but tubes give greater protection against accidental plate breakage. Tubes also mean only one plate is handled at a time, which is clean and also avoids wasting energy when removing a plate from the stack.

Moving a cabinet is usually easier than moving a tube, unless the tube is installed within a trolley, in which case there is no real difference with regard to portability.

Butler Equipment has multiple choices of all the popular plate warmer types. We are a leading supplier of quality commercial kitchen products to the Australian hospitality industry, and we have been in business since 1979.

We are always happy to help prospective customers with advice and assistance about their commercial kitchen supply needs.

You can call us at Butler Equipment on 1800 225 215 during normal Australian business hours.

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