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The pastry prover (or pastry proofer) is known by many different alternative names. Some include bakery proofer, bread proofer, dough proofer, and in Europe it may also be known as a retarder.  The European name is actually the most accurate description, as it perfectly describes what the commercial bakery proofer is supposed to do.

Benefits of a Pastry Prover

Its job is actually to help slow down, or retard, the fermentation of bakery products. Gases from the fermentation process help bread dough to rise, pastry to puff, and pizza crusts to reach that state of perfection that keeps customers coming back for more.
But if the fermentation is too rapid, the process can stop in its tracks.
The bakery prover prevents this problem by introducing strict control over temperature, humidity, and other factors that might impact on the leavening process. Because the bread proofing oven uses automation to create perfect conditions every time, it means you save time and effort.

Commercial Bakery Proofer

In the past, there could be considerable variation in quality between different batches, even when the batches were baked on the same day. Because leavening is a natural process, it means changes in the natural environment can have an effect on the quality of the product.
A bread prover overcomes the challenges of quality variation between batches because it creates a controlled environment.
Products produced in a controlled environment will be much more consistent, with variations occurring only due to differences in the quality of the raw ingredients or the skill of the manufacturer. When consistently high quality ingredients are used and the manufacturer is appropriately skilled to create a consistent product, there is no reason for the outcome to not be perfect.

Affordable Dough Proofer

Butler Equipment provides a range of professional pastry and bread proving ovens. The Italian made Garbin pastry ovens are the technologically advanced computer controlled provers. Their powerful automated features provide outstanding temperature and humidity control.
The lower price of Anvil proving ovens should not be seen as a point against them. While not quite as electronically sophisticated as the Garbin ovens, they still do an excellent job of providing a good proving environment for your baked goods. They also have a higher volume capacity due to larger physical dimensions.

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