High Quality Pastry Dough Roller Machines

When we talk about a pastry dough roller machine, it’s important to understand what kind of machine it actually is. Many people confuse a pastry roller for a pastry sheeter, and while they each serve a similar kind of purpose, there are quite a few differences.

The Best Pizza Dough Roller for Sale

A pastry roller machine may also be known as a pizza dough roller (or pizza roller), because the pizza making industry is the biggest buyer for this type of product. If you go out looking for a pizza dough roller machine for sale and you end up purchasing a dough sheeter by mistake, you will really regret it because the result will not be anywhere near your expectations.
The biggest difference you will notice is a matter of orientation. The pastry dough sheeter is operated horizontally, and thus requires quite a lot of space. A pastry dough roller is operated vertically, requiring much less space. The vertical orientation also means gravity does some of the work, so less mechanical energy is required to do the job. Plus it works much faster than a sheeter.
Place a standard pita bread sized piece of pizza dough into an electric pastry roller and almost instantly it will be transformed into a super thin pizza base with a much larger diameter. To get a result that’s even close to matching with an electric pastry sheeter, you would need to pass it through the machine several times (using a forward and reverse switch) and physically change the roller height to ensure the correct degree of thinness.
Now, as you’ll see, there is a lot of mention here about using this machine for rolling pizza dough, but it is also used for rolling pastry dough. If you’re a pie maker, you can certainly use this machine to help you roll your pastry dough.

Pastry Rollers for Sale in Australia

While you are searching for a dough roller machine for sale, you may come across something described as a “lattice pastry roller“. This isn’t an electric machine, but merely a hand rolling device that you run over your already rolled pastry dough to create a perfect lattice pattern easily.
It’s the same deal with a “pastry roller cutter” because this too is just a hand roller, and you’d still need to use a normal cooking roller or dough roller to get the correct thinness.
So if you should find a dough roller for sale, make sure it is definitely a roller and not a sheeter. Not that you wouldn’t benefit from having both machines, but if you’re in the pizza business you’ll definitely want a roller.
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