Commercial Benchtop Catering Equipment

When it comes to professional benchtop equipment for your commercial catering enterprise, look no further than our extensive range.
We stock everything you could possibly need to run your kitchen efficiently, from commercial toasters and waffle bakers through to milkshake mixers, soup warmers and commercial rice cookers. Commercial Benchtop Equipment
When it comes to making large quantities of toast, you’ll need a commercial toaster.


Whether you’re looking for an industrial toaster for your workplace or you need a conveyor toaster for your hotel restaurant, our machines will enable you to turn out perfect toast from morning till night.
With the ability to toast anything from 2 – 8 slices of bread at a time, our industrial toasters are a must for any catering establishment.
Smaller businesses can choose from standard sandwich toasters and bun toasters while larger companies can opt for industrial toasters or our very popular conveyor toasters.

Keeping soup at the optimum temperature for extended periods of time is made easy with a commercial soup warmer.

Whether you simply want a soup kettle to keep your homemade ‘soup of the day’ ready for hungry customers or you need a soup warmer to keep a variety of soups warm in a restaurant, we’ll have what you need.
We have soup kettles for sale that will ensure that your soup never goes off the boil and that it’s always ready to serve. In fact, if you serve soup in your establishment, then you really do need an electric soup kettle.

If you’re in the business of providing cold drinks to the public, you’ll benefit from installing a commercial milkshake mixer and juicer machine in your kitchen.
Cookon Commercial Catering Equipment

By investing in these products, you’ll be able to offer your customers more than just traditional teas and coffees and pre-packaged soft drinks.
A milkshake mixer can be used to create all kinds of delicious sweet concoctions, whether you stick with traditional flavours such as strawberry, vanilla and chocolate or you try something more adventurous such as Tiramisu or Butterscotch.
And if you really want to relive the good old days, the classic Hamilton Beach Milkshake Mixer will help you to make old fashioned shakes with ice cream and fresh fruit, topped with thick chocolate syrup.
A professional juicer will also be very useful in the kitchen of any café, bar or restaurant. As the popularity of drinking fresh juices and smoothies grow, having a commercial juicer machine means that you can whip up tasty and nutritious juices at the touch of a button.

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Commercial juicers are perfect for juicing anything from oranges to melons, but if you’re looking to attract the attention of real health conscious customers, why not consider investing in a wheatgrass juicer? It’s the best juicer for using superfoods to create delicious and wholesome drinks. Also check out our Display Cases and Bain Marie Equipment


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