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When it comes to commercial refrigeration, nobody does it quite like Williams Refrigeration and Butler Equipment are delighted to bring these quality refrigeration products to the Australian market.


Williams Freezers – Freezers Online Australia

With a reputation for delivering global excellence, Williams Refrigeration have developed a range of refrigeration units of outstanding quality to offer flexible cooling systems for all kinds of commercial catering enterprises.

Whether you’re looking for a Williams Refrigeration refrigerator or a Williams Refrigeration display fridge, you’ll find that we’ll have the perfect Williams freezer for you, at a price that won’t decimate your budget.

Williams Commercial Refrigeration & Freezers in Australia

As one of the leading suppliers of Williams fridges & freezers in Australia, we’ve made it our aim to provide Williams commercial refrigeration products at prices you can afford. And we’ve done this by offering a range of brand new appliances, and units that are available for rental.

So whether you’re looking to buy a new Williams Freezer fridge & freezer or you want to lease a Williams commercial refrigerator, we’ll be able to provide a solution that meets your needs.

Williams Refrigeration Display Cases

With over 30 years’ experience in making their world famous refrigerator inspired by the original design by William Cullen, refrigerator experts Williams Refrigeration have built a worldwide reputation for quality, performance, reliability and innovation.

So when it comes to finding the best equipment for your professional catering establishment, Williams Refrigeration products will fit the bill perfectly, whether you’re looking for high performance cabinets, counters, specialist bakery equipment or bar coolers, blast chillers and freezers.

We keep a good selection of refrigerators in stock at all times, and deliver them direct to your premises, wherever you are based in Australia.

Williams Refrigeration Commercial Freezers

Butler Equipment: Australia’s Top Supplier of Williams Refrigeration Commercial Refrigeration

If you’re looking to kit out your new commercial catering establishment, or you want to replace your old refrigerator, isn’t it time you tried a refrigeration solution from one of the best refrigerator manufacturers in the world? They offer a 2 year warranty.

Not only will you get a long-lasting and reliable product, but you’ll get a refrigeration unit that will meet your needs perfectly. Whether you want an upright free standing fridge, a 3 door prep fridge with a canopy, a pizza prep fridge or a bar cooler, you’ll find that all the Williams units are made from top quality superior grade stainless steel and fitted with robust shelving.

Williams Refrigeration Display Fridges

If you’d rather rent your refrigeration unit, then we also have some excellent options available through our rental scheme.

To find out more about our range of Williams Refrigeration fridges and chillers, contact us now by calling our customer service team on 1800 225 215. They’re available to take your orders or answer any queries that you may have on the items we have available.

We’ve built an enviable reputation on the quality of the commercial refrigeration we have for sale and rent so discover for yourself why we’re the number one supplier of commercial refrigeration in Australia.

Butler Equipment only supplies the best, most reliable brands. View our range of Anvil catering equipment, Robot Coupe catering equipment, Moffat catering equipment, Hamilton Beach catering equipment and Williams Refrigeration commercial fridges.

Quality Commercial Freezer for your quality business

Are you in need of a good quality commercial freezer for your catering business? Then you have come to the right place because at Butler Equipment we sell nothing but the best commercial catering products and brands.  We make it much easier for companies in the food industry to find the right type of freezers that will keep their foods as fresh as possible and that will enhance business functionality as much as possible.

Our Williams Freezers are the best

Williams Refrigeration is one of our leading brands sold at Butler Equipment.  We stock a great variety of quality refrigeration products that you can shop online and get delivered to your doorstep.  Our Williams brand freezer products are second to none. This company has over 30 years’ experience in refrigerator manufacturing and have been delivering these high-quality refrigerators to the catering industry for decades.

Here’s why you should choose the Williams brand for your commercial freezing and cooling needs;

  • The brand is well known in Australia and all over the world and can easily be serviced or repaired due to its popularity.
  • Williams is renowned for its incredibly durable and sturdy products that will stand the test of time.
  • These freezers have a beautiful design that functions well in any quality food establishment
  • Products are designed for functionality.  Employees can access frozen or chilled food products with ease so they can cook and create foods in minimal time.  Customers also get a good view of products as well as easy access to all products.
  • These products are designed with functionality and flexibility in mind.  They can easily be used and moved around so you can achieve the highest possible efficiency in your commercial kitchen or business.

Quality freezers you can order or buy online right now

Butler Equipment gives you access to all the best products, and you can shop a wide range of Williams freezers directly from our online store.

Businesses can shop the following freezer types right now;

Williams Prep fridges – Prep fridges or display fridges are perfect for your catering business.  These fridges are available in various sizes and are used for quite a few different purposes.  Businesses can invest in prep fridges to stock up on commonly used products that are commonly or they can use these fridges to display foods that are for sale.  Williams Prep fridges keep foods perfectly chilled, perfectly preserved and fresh.  These fridges offer a large display area that makes it easy to see everything in the fridge and are designed to prevent fogging up so a crystal clear view can be enjoyed at all times.

Williams Pizza prep fridges – Our pizza prep fridges are terrific for keeping a great variety of pizza ingredients chilled and fresh throughout the day or night.  These freezers can be used for customer display or for commercial kitchen use.  They are functional, beautiful and incredibly durable.

Williams Glass door fridges – Glass door fridges are great for shelving beverages, food products, and frozen items.  Williams commercial glass door freezers or fridges are beautiful, offer customers easy access to products and these fridges are easy to move around inside your company.

Williams Garnet – At Butler Equipment we also have a wide range of Williams’s garnets in different sizes. These garnets are perfect for stocking up produce and food products, and the elegant design of Williams’s garnets makes it perfectly suitable for any café, restaurant, commercial kitchen or diner.

At Butler Equipment we try to make it much easier for businesses to access quality commercial products so they can operate with ease.  All of our commercial products are available online and delivery can be arranged to your doorstep.

To find out more about our Williams products, please give our offices a call on 1800 225 215 or shop directly online from our website.

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