Commercial Food Display Cases

When it comes to displaying food and drink it pays to have purpose designed commercial food display cases. We offer a variety of display cases both freestanding and benchtop to accommodate all kinds of foodstuffs.


Our range of commercial fridges and freezers include display refrigeration units, display fridges, bottle coolers and beer fridges to ensure that your products stay cool and stay fresh.

Heated Food Display Cases

Whether you’re looking for a revolving display case, benchtop display or something to fit on your countertop, you’ll find that we’ve got what you need, and at a great price too.

From a small countertop refrigerated display case to large chest freezers, our selection of display cases will allow you to showcase your chilled food to perfection while keeping it at the right temperature to meet all health and safety needs.
When you’re in the catering business, the ability to display and merchandise your food and drinks is an important factor in your success. Whether you need cake displays to present your patisserie creations to your customers or product display stands to show off your latest wines, having the right display cases can prove the difference between selling your product or it being left on the shelf.

Refrigerated Food Display Cases

These cases are your ‘shop window’ and so choosing the correct display case for your products, be it a refrigerated case or a heated display cabinet, is paramount.

Our products are temperature controlled, have adjustable shelving and are extremely robust. This means that you can display your goods in the manner you prefer, safe in the knowledge that they’ll be maintained in optimal condition for as long as is necessary.
Our collection of heated display units and pie warmers are suitable for a range of hot goods including pies and pizzas, while our ambient display units are the perfect showcase for your cakes and other desserts.

Some of our heated display cabinets incorporate features such as crumb trays, adjustable shelves and water reservoirs to ensure that your freshly baked food stays hot and crisp.
If you have chilled foods such as ice creams, salads, cold pasta dishes and drinks on your menu, our refrigerated display units will ensure that they stay cool.

Whatever your specific needs, you’ll find that our display cases are ideal for a range of catering businesses whose aim is to provide top quality products to their customers.
Our cases are manufactured by some of the top names in the industry and so offer both quality and reliability, combined with our price guarantee. Also check out our range of Commercial Coffee Making Equipment and Refrigerators and Freezers.

Make Your Food Shine with Commercial Food Display Cases from Butler Equipment

Getting a dish or food product to your customer is a complicated task with lots of steps: first, you’ll want to conceptualise the dish, source the products, cook it, preserve it and finally, present it.

With so much work going into the process of creating the dish, you can’t afford to let it fail at the final hurdle: you’ve got to make sure that your food is appropriately stored in a safe way while also looking attractive and being quickly accessible.

This is where commercial food display cases are the perfect option. There are a range of types available, all the way from heated and refrigerated countertops to free-standing appliances that present your food in the best light.

Investing in these display cases is essential and when it comes to sourcing them, you can’t go wrong by shopping with Butler Equipment.

A Range of Display Cases

Depending on the food product that you’re serving, you’ll want to find the display case which is the most appropriate. This means selecting between heated and refrigerated display cases. These will vary in the way that they treat the food and can go a long way to ensuring that your food is safe once prepared. Our heated cases are appropriate for a range of foods such as freshly baked goods, pizzas and pies. The refrigerated cases, on the other hand, are perfect for dishes like salads, drinks and ice creams.

Once you’ve chosen between the function of the display case you’ll want to decide on the format, which means deciding whether or not they are to be found on a counter top or they will be a free-standing display case. Each has their own type of advantages and you can choose based on your existing space and the preferences of your customers.

Purpose-Designed Cases

Purpose-designed cases are an excellent way of advertising while also investing in an appliance that serves a distinct purpose and fits your needs precisely, whether that be size, shape or specialist function.

If you would like to know more about our cases, after browsing the information about them on our website, call our helpful team – they  are on hand to answer any of your questions and provide you with additional information that you require.

The Best Brands

Our cases are sourced from manufacturers of by the very best brands and the range of products that we offer represent many years of testing and vetting cases for quality. You can rest assured that when you make a purchase with Butler Equipment you are going to receive a high-quality product that is reliable and has important price and warranty guarantees around it.

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If you’d like to discuss your display needs with a member of our staff, please get in touch and we’ll do our utmost to help and advise you by giving you the benefit of our considerable knowledge and experience in the catering equipment industry.


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