We know that space is always at a premium in any commercial kitchen or catering environment. That’s why we’ve made it our aim to provide a comprehensive range of commercial shelving and industrial storage shelves at very competitive prices, so that you can optimise all the available space in your premises.


Our range of commercial shelves and warehouse racking systems will enable you to make the most of every inch of wall space and to create stockrooms and storage areas that can accommodate all your supplies.

Commercial Shelving

Our range of modular shelving systems is the perfect way to customise your space and give you a storage solution that meets your specific requirements.

Whether you need shelving units to withstand extreme temperatures in your cold room or walk in freezer, or you need a steel commercial shelving unit that can withstand the heat of the kitchen, we’ll have exactly what you need.

We also stock a range of adjustable height stainless steel benches that are both suitable for storage and food prep, and which are corrosion resistant and very easy to clean.

Many of our commercial benches can be easily packed away when not required, and have the option to be fitted with heavy-duty mobile castors complete with brakes, while others have integral splashbacks and lower shelves for additional storage.

Our stainless steel trolleys are perfect for storing equipment and other items that may require moving from one area of the kitchen to another, and include general kitchen trolleys with a variety of tiers through to cutlery trolleys, space saving stacking trolleys and patissier trolleys.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems
As a professional caterer, you’re probably already well aware of the importance of installing a commercial kitchen exhaust system in your premises. To meet your needs, we offer a selection of exhaust systems at extremely competitive prices that will not only trap larger grease particles, but will also remove finer particles of grease and oil together with fumes, smoke and unwanted odours.

We also offer a range of exhaust hoods for professional kitchen use. Suitable for all kinds of catering establishments, from restaurants through to schools, our standard canopy hoods are constructed of easy to maintain stainless steel, and come with a full range of options and accessories to meet your specific needs.

Multiple lighting options are also available to give your chefs adequate lighting while they create their dishes.
If you’d like some advice on our kitchen and warehouse storage racks and shelving, or you’re interested in purchasing kitchen trolleys and benches, please get in touch and let us talk through your options. Some relevant equipment that might interest you: Cooking Ranges and Benchtop Equipment
We’re also here to advise you on the best commercial kitchen exhaust systems for your premises, and will be happy to give you a FREE no obligation quote for any of our commercial kitchen products.


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