As school classrooms across the nation begin to fill back up over the coming weeks, it is more important than ever to ensure our children and all hardworking school staff are safe.

New advice from The Healthy Kids Association suggests that moving forward, the frequency of cleaning and sanitising in the canteen environment needs to be increased.

This means if your school canteen is still handwashing and drying dishes and kitchen equipment with reusable clothes and tea towels, it’s time to upgrade. Unfortunately, the old-fashioned way just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Not sure what this means for your school canteen? Here’s a breakdown of the Government Standard for Sanitisation:

  • The only way to sanitise equipment effectively is with a chemical treatment or heat, or a combination of both
  • For adequate sanitisation to occur, the rinse water in a dishwasher must be maintained at a minimum of 82c for 13 seconds.

How can you be sure your canteen is meeting this safety standard? By installing a quality commercial dishwasher!

Here at Butler Equipment, our friendly team of industry leading professionals are here to support you with kitchen-smart advice, a range of Australian made commercial dishwashers and child-friendly non-hazardous dishwashing products.

We understand that protecting the children and workers in your care is your top priority, and we are here to provide you with total peace of mind and answer all your questions about which machine will best suit your school canteen or staff room.

Plus, we’ve got all the information you need to know about safely cleaning and sanitizing all the hands and surfaces in your school, with a child-friendly alcohol-free sanitizer, made right here in Australia, which has been third party certified to kill 99.99% bacteria!

Give our friendly team a call today on 1800 225 215 for more information on ensuring your school is a safe space for your students and staff to return to post COVID-19.