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Find out how much you can save on a brand new dishwasher with detergent, rinse aid and on call maintenance included.

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“We run a busy kitchen and the impact on customer service, staff and costs were too big when our dishwasher breaks down. Taking up the fixed price package gave us a brand new machine, our chemical costs have reduced dramatically and we are 100% covered if something goes wrong – it’s the best move we have made in our kitchen!”

– Peter Sharp, Blue Gum Hotel

Glasswashers: Glassmate, Crystal Clear

Underbench dishwashers: IM17, Cafemate, Cafemaster, AP500 (Good Design Award Gold Winner), IM5, Bantam

Upright dishwashers: BT600 AWC, BT700 AWC, AP750 (connects to cold water), AP2500 (connects to cold water), BT2000 AWC, IM7, IM20

Potwashers: IM65, IM85, IM1000

Rack conveyors: IR120, IR200

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There is one upfront administration fee to prepare and finalise your package contract but there are no ongoing charges. Your monthly instalments are for the machine and all the chemical and service you need to operate with complete peace of mind over the four years.

There is an exit clause should your circumstances change. Termination is possible, or we can switch out the machine for another model that suits your new circumstances. You only need to pay for the removal & return of the old machine + any agreed delivery & installation charges of the new one.

Fixed Price Package monthly cost calculations do not include delivery – but the Butler Kitchen Smart team will make sure you get the very best deal available and start saving you money ASAP!

On-site installation variables are an unknown factor that we cannot estimate without talking to you about your site. Talk to the team today on 1800 225 215 to see how to minimise installation charges by making sure you have the right machine for your set up.