97-000 FreshCup Countertop Dishwasher – Silver

$950.00 Excluding GST

Viruses need exposure to temperatures over 60oC, for at least 5 minutes or more to be killed, so manual sink-washing is the least safe or effective way to wash items at work or home.

FreshCUP™ is the simple, fast and effective solution. Just place cups, glasses, bottles, utensils or plates upside down on the rack, pop cutlery into the basket, select your mode and press the wash button. Click here to watch it in action!

In less than a minute, everything is clean. No waiting for a full load. No powders to handle. No more kitchen sink clutter!

Call 1800 225 215 to start saving time and money – and the planet!

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Brilliant for all business types and an amazing time-saving, lifestyle improving appliance for home!
Click here to watch it in action.

Cups, mugs and utensils in the office are an ideal breeding ground for micro-organisms. Food leftovers (particularly milk and juices), moisture and room temperature cause microbe, bacteria, mould, yeast and fungi growth.

FreshCUP™ cleans and sanitises wash items in any workplace or home in just 30 seconds – banishing kitchen sink clutter and germs at the same time!

Available in white (97-100) and silver (97-200)

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