Hospitality Cleaning

As all owners of professional catering establishments know, hygiene and cleanliness is of paramount importance. Ensuring that there is sufficient commercial dishwashing equipment and commercial cleaning supplies at all times is necessary for every food service business.

After all, being successful is not just about the quality of your food; it’s about the cleanliness of your establishment.

We offer an excellent range of Zexa hospitality cleaning supplies to meet all your dishwashing and sanitation requirements to ensure that everything, both out front and out back, is spotlessly clean and meets all safety standards.


Hospitality Cleaning Equipment

  • One basic cleaning product that no restaurant, hotel or café should be without is dishwashing detergent. We supply a range of different hardworking detergents that are suitable for use in commercial dishwashing machines and will ensure that all your dishes, cooking equipment and utensils are kept free of food remnants and left perfectly clean for the next time they’re used.
  • Our sanitize spray is ideal for ensuring that all surfaces are hygienically clean. One squirt of this anti-bacterial spray will kill germs dead and leave a surface that’s clean enough to eat from. Designed to work on hard surfaces in your food preparation and service areas, these sprays are suitable for Stainless Steel Worktops, hobs, Commercial Oven Ranges and anywhere where deep-cleansing and sanitising solution is needed.
  • Ensuring that your floors are slip free is critical for safeguarding safety both in the kitchens and preparation areas, and in customer areas too.
    Our anti slip floor cleaner will keep your floors gleaming, hygienic and safe. Designed specifically to cleanse and sterilise the floors in commercial establishments, it contains effective sanitising agents in combination with a formula that will leave your floors non-slip.
  • No matter how great your cooking may smell, you don’t want the aroma of fried foods permeating your customer areas, particularly in the restrooms. And that’s where investing in a commercial automatic air freshener can help. Our programmable wall-mounted machines are ideal for keeping communal areas smelling fresh and vibrant and can be refilled with either gel or spray refills in a variety of enticing aromas.

Whether you own a small restaurant or run the kitchen in a large hotel, every catering establishment needs a good cleaning routine and quality products will make that routine so much more effective and easy to maintain.

The range of hospitality cleaning products that we offer comes from some of the leading brands in the industry and these products are always available at competitive prices.

We keep the cost of cleaning down, while making sure that you don’t compromise on cleaning power or on quality. Contact us now to find out more. Our dedicated customer service team is on hand to answer all your queries and give you advice should you need it.

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